News – Pokemon X and Y – The Sixth Generation is Revealed

Pokemon games have been coming out with great frequency lately.

Pokemon games have been coming out with great frequency lately.









Big News Everyone! Nintendo has officially released the starters and legendaries from the sixth generation of Pokemon. This has come with some gameplay footage and the confirmation that these games will be out for the 3DS. I am an avid Pokemon fan so this got me really excited.


I am diggin’ the frog guy.







I am usually a fan of the grass starters, but I can’t deny how much I love the water starter this time around. Let me just say that I am a fan of frogs so I am really happy with the design choice for the water starter. I haven’t gone water since Mudkip. I do like the design choices for all of the starters and I can definitely see Fennekin being popular because it is a fox and fire starters are usually very well received. I was not as much of a downer on the generation five Pokemon designs as most people so I won’t tell you that I expect a huge improvement, but I do prefer some of the new Pokemon designs already.

I need to get Pokemon X because I need my Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit.

I need to get Pokemon X because I need my Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit.







The legendary Pokemon for X and Y are Xerneas(X) and Yveltal(Y). I don’t just want Pokemon X because of the forest spirit thing they have going on, but because I find the deer legendary’s design to be simply better than the flying guy. The antlers are ridiculous and I was a big fan of both Stantler and Sawsbuck when they came out. I will say that you can’t truly appreciate the Y legendary’s design without seeing the closer view that the trailer provides because his head is crazy cool looking.

The most ridiculous part about this is the fact that we are getting a simultaneous release in October of this year. No more Japanese spoilers that leave us less excited months later when we finally get the already completed product. The fact that they are doing all of these translations right now is crazy because anyone that has ever been a part of editing anything should realize that this is a ridiculous undertaking. I am both excited and worried about the October release. I am excited because I love Pokemon, but I am worried that they might be rushing this project. We just got Black 2 and White 2 over here in North America in October of last year. One year to make a new generation of Pokemon? This isn’t Madden or Call of Duty. Let’s just say that I hope this does well. I will leave you with the thoughts of a man far more qualified than myself in regard to the world of Pokemon.

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