Impression – Senyuu., Episode 01

We have another hero's journey on our hands.

We have another hero’s journey on our hands.









Senyuu was another one of those series that I was not looking forward to watching this season. Another hero’s journey anime? Well, what could they possibly do that is new? I was pleasantly surprised to see that Senyuu. was only five minutes long when I started watching the first episode, but that feeling began to change as the episode progressed. Our story follows one of the seventy-five hero candidates that were sent out to save the world from demons. With the resurrection of the demon king, all of the probable descendants of the previous hero were given the order to fight with the goal of fame and fortune in mind.

I wonder how many characters a five minute anime can develop.

I wonder how many characters a five-minute anime can develop.









So in a span of five minutes we really only got to know two characters. The hero Aruba is one of the hero’s probable descendants who is off on a journey to defeat the demon king. Aruba seems like your typical hero main character and that is really all I know about him right now. Ross is a soldier of the royal military and the traveling companion of Aruba. Ross likes to make fun of Aruba and never offer him help when fighting monsters. The most entertaining part of this show is the dynamic between Aruba and Ross. Ruki is the name of the girl with pink hair in the picture that is above this section. I know nothing about her other than the fact that she has been showing up in a lot of pictures with our two main characters so I am guessing that she will become important. Honestly, expect the character development to be slow and focus on only a few people due to the length of the episodes.

This fucking giraffe.

This fucking giraffe.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I am pretty intrigued by this series. Senyuu. makes itself unique with the dynamic between Aruba and Ross. It is very funny and the level of comedy involved is enough to carry you for five minutes. I kind of want the series to have full length episodes because the writing is in no way weak and I need more time in order to cover a hero’s journey. I can see myself sticking with this series. I look forward to some major events in the story.

Ross will carry this show with his twisted way of messing with our hero.

Ross will carry this show with his twisted way of messing with our hero.

6 responses to “Impression – Senyuu., Episode 01

      • Exactly, I doubt if I would find time to watch it, if it was a normal 20 minutes per episode series. I mean, there are so many shows to watch right now.

          • I surely going to watch the last episode of Hellsing OVA, and the new Hetalia season. Also I would like to check out 2-3 other shows, like Yama no Susume and Kotoura-san. The problem is that I haven’t seen yet anything from the last season, and there are old anime that I planned on watching as soon as possible. So I wouldn’t have that much time to go through this season’s shows =)

            • Last season was pretty damn good. I went through a bunch of them before the end of the year for our top ten anime series post. I remember that K really surprised me.

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