Impression – Go On, Episode 12

Go On - Season 1









The return of Go On was all that I imagined it would be. First off we get to see Bob Costas. The famed sports commentator is starting a new show and he wants Ryan to be on it. The only problem is that Ryan has a history of freezing on TV due to the fact that Ryan only has specialized knowledge, long story short, he is actually stupid. We see Ryan develop a relationship with Mr. K in this episode because Ryan needs someone to help relax him and Mr. K no longer has anything going on with his life since the Mars Rover Project was a success. Mr. K is apparently an aerospace engineer who had a hand in the project which is ridiculous. Our other story follows Fausta who is inviting people to her niece’s Quinceañera, but decides not to invite Anne because she is kind of a bitch. This irritates Anne because everything irritates Anne. Anne believes that Fausta is ridiculous and is undervaluing the effect that her partner’s loss had on her so she crashes the party. It is revealed just how much Fausta misses her lost family members and this really hits Anne hard. We see a great bonding moment between these two when Fausta talks about how the group helps to fill the void left in her life and she tells Anne to stay. The bonding moments between the characters is getting very deep which is a nice touch that forced me to feel quite a bit of emotion in this episode.

Not everyone is qualified to talk about mathematics.

Not everyone is qualified to talk about mathematics.













Current Opinion of the Show:

Go On picked up where it left off before the hiatus with yet another strong episode. The emotional journeys that the characters are going through feel very real to me and that is making the show have a lot of impact. Don’t think that this is turning into a drama though because the comedy is still there. From Mr. K being Mr. K, to Owen convincing Danny to dress like a bull fighter to the Quinceañera, the classic Go On humor is persisting. The sport guests are fantastic and I am definitely looking forward to next week’s episode.

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