Impression – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Episode 02










Even though it is only week two of our anime season, Maoyuu may already be my favorite new anime. We see our couple embark on the first leg of their journey in a small village where they will attempt to gain notoriety in the agricultural field. Pun not intended. We get more lessons as we learn about proper crop rotation and sustaining of livestock, but we don’t just get a farming lesson. Head Maid is introduced as, well, the head maid. She is very dedicated to her work and is a relative of Maou. Things are taking time convincing the village heads to accept their agricultural proposal, but life isn’t extremely tough. We are soon introduced to two other characters that leads to a lesson on the medieval class system because they are runaway serfs. Big Sister Maid and Little Sister Maid are runaways that are taken on as maid apprentices by Head Maid due to the kindness of our characters. Just so you know, Maou means Demon King and Yuusha means Hero. Everyone has their title as a name in this series which is odd, but funny and I enjoy it. Thankfully, alongside the history lessons we are getting more awkward romance between our two characters that I say you need to watch and not read about.

Calling people serfs is just a cover up.

Calling people serfs is just a cover up.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I love this series. Not only are we getting a very interesting look into how agriculture, war, and old school class systems work, but we are getting some very funny romance that all add up to a very good story. I have been invested in the romance between Yuusha and Maou from the beginning and this episode only pulled me in further.  Hopefully people can get past the fan service which is honestly just kind of there and not pointed out by the show too often. I am really looking forward to the next episode because the preview made it look like we are getting to see a love triangle forming. I don’t want Yuusha and Maou to not end up together, but love triangles can be fun.

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