Review – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

There are quite a few misunderstandings in this anime.

There are quite a few misunderstandings in this anime.









Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a romantic comedy that was put out by Media Factory. I ran across this series because the manga was coming out at the same time as the anime and I am the kind of person that will try reading a chapter or two of new manga series when I am bored. The series seemed pretty interesting with its funny characters so I decided to give the anime a chance. I was watching quite a few series at the time of this anime’s release, but Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai really made itself stand out from the crowd.

Let's play a game.

Let’s play a game.









Have you ever been judged by the way that you look? Have you ever had trouble making friends? Do people avoid getting to know the real you? Well, the characters in this series would answer these questions in the affirmative. Our story follows the life of Kodaka who gets wrongfully accused of being a delinquent due to his dirty blonde hair and awkward way of presenting himself. After returning to the town he lived in as a child to attend high school, Kodaka still can’t avoid assumptions that have led to a life of unfortunate solitude. One day, Kodaka walks in on an odd girl talking to herself in a classroom and things get kind of awkward. One thing leads to another and this odd girl forces Kodaka to create a club with her. Stop me if this sounds familiar because I think KyoAni wants their plot point back. Along the way other misfits join the Neighbors Club with the goal of making friends in mind. The series feels like some plotless comedy for quite a while, but there is a story going on in the background including the secret reason behind the creation of the Neighbors Club.

Like I said, the club is full of misfits.

Like I said, the club is full of misfits.










The recurring characters in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai are all club members that have trouble making friends for various reasons. Kodaka is the main character and the focus of the harem element in the anime. The dirty blonde hair and rough demeanor make it so that people think Kodaka is a delinquent even though he is actually a really nice guy. The hair is a result of the fact that Kodaka’s late mother was blonde and Kodaka keeps his hair that way to remember her. Kodaka acts as the straight man/mediator in the club because the other members get into some crazy stuff. Yozora is quiet at school, but in the club she is kind of a bitch to be honest. The majority of her time outside of school is spent either reading or tormenting the other club members. Things are only funny until Kodaka has to step in and stop her. Even though it is not an excuse for her behavior, we do learn a few things about Yozora that I cannot get into because they are big time spoilers. Sena is another girl in the club who is actually quite popular with the guys. Unfortunately, the popularity stems from the fact that she is beautiful making all of the attention very shallow resulting in jealousy from the girls around her. Sena has a superiority complex and is kind of immature, but her real problem lies in the fact that Yozora goes out of her way to be cruel to Sena. Also, she likes to seek companionship through visual novels. Rika is a younger student who has a lab all to herself at the school due to her great intelligence. This seclusion and the fact that she has an obsession with mech yaoi has made her quite the outcast. Kobato is Kodaka’s younger sister who is in the middle of a chuunibyou phase where she claims to be an anime vampire. That and a brother complex make her an oddball. Yukimura is a very effeminate boy who is “bullied” due to his appearance. Yukimura approached Kodaka in order to become his subordinate and learn the way of true manhood from the person he believed to be a delinquent. The oddly feminine appearance and an obsession to the way of the samurai make Yukimura really weird. Maria is a young member of the church that is the club’s advisor. The various club members, minus Kobato and Maria, attend a private school that is tied with the church. All of the girls are technically part of the harem to an extent, but Yozora and Sena appear to be the only serious contenders.

The light novel is well ahead of the anime.

The light novel is well ahead of the anime.











I really enjoyed this series. There are two things that an anime like Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai must overcome in order to make a name for itself. The first is the fact that a slice of life anime based in a high school is about as common as a bad dub. Luckily, this series has a great cast of characters that really capture the interest of viewers. The other hindrance is the fact that a lot of comedies tend to have a time limit on how long their jokes can keep fans entertained before an actual plot is required. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai did a good job of not running into this issue by gradually adding in an actual story that was pretty interesting and has great potential moving forward. All in all this is a series that does a great job of making characters that people can relate to and adding a romantic element that any fan of romance will enjoy.

Honestly, that is not a very welcoming face.

Honestly, that is not a very welcoming face.








Final Say:

Go watch Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Fans of romantic comedy anime will definitely enjoy this series and your average anime fan would appreciate the well-developed characters. Funimation has licensed this series so you can catch it on their YouTube channel for now and you can expect DVD releases sometime in the future. Funimation does this great thing where they put high quality subs and dubs of their licensed series on their YouTube channel in order to get some money out of the anime streamers out there. I heavily recommend you check out their channel if you haven’t already. Look forward to more from this series because the second season just started airing recently and the light novels that the anime is based on have quite a bit of material available.

I think that most people will become a fan of the idea of Kodaka and Sena, but Yozora isn't completely unlikeable.

I think that most people will become a fan of the idea of Kodaka and Sena, but Yozora isn’t completely unlikable.

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