Impression – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Episode 12

chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!








Thank the good lord for the ending that we have received. Yuuta can no longer stay silent as Rikka decides to move in with her grandparents which means that she will be leaving school. After seeing the normal Dekomori and the Tyrant Kumin, Yuuta decides to ride Makoto’s bicycle all the way to Rikka in the dead of night. Honestly, normal Dekomori is ridiculous and you have to see it to believe it, but Kumin acting like Rikka is something that I expected to happen before the series was over. Let’s get back to what really matters though and that is Yuuta’s quest to bring back Rikka. After riding this bike for miles, Yuuta calls out to Rikka from the roof of her grandfather’s house which sparks a call to the police by Rikka’s grandmother. Luckily, Dekomori is a rich girl who had the gang driven out to the scene to run interference for our favorite couple and Yuuta takes Rikka down to the beach. There, Yuuta insists that Rikka regain her old beliefs as they look upon the horizon. Rikka gives in and says goodbye to her father. It was around here where I started crying. Then, the two try to escape pursuit from the police on a bicycle for a little comic relief. The series ends with Rikka once again repelling down to Yuuta’s balcony and their relationship is fully in tact.

Not the best choice of transportation.

Not the best choice of transportation.












Current Opinion of the Show:

That was quite the ending. Overall I really enjoyed this series for its interesting humor and fantastic romance. The serious turn was very nice, but the more light-hearted stuff wasn’t bad either. The ending was nice and it tied up every loose end that I cared about. I look forward to more material from this series because we have some specials coming out that I must see.

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