Top Picks – The 5 Best Video Game Franchises that are in Desperate Need of a Reboot

This new game is the only reason that Tomb Raider cannot be on the list.

This new game is the only reason that Tomb Raider cannot be on the list.










We all know that there are gaming franchises out there that haven’t really seen the light of day in quite a while. Luckily, things like Tomb Raider, Star Fox, and Metroid will be getting new titles this year. The great news regarding these series got me thinking about what other games could use some quality releases. That is what this list is all about. I picked out five game franchises that have seen great success in the past and would benefit from some new titles.

5). Spyro the Dragon (Activision)

Do not get in front of this battering ram.

Do not get in front of this battering ram.










Some of you may be wondering why Spyro is on this list with the recent success of Skylanders. I would like to also point out that some of you may just be realizing that Spyro is in Skylanders. What I am asking for is a new installment of the classic Spyro adventure games. You know, the ones that didn’t involve collecting figures of giants and tikis, but actually had you running around to collect gems and save various worlds. The whole MMORPG thing is nice, but I don’t want to buy all of those figures and whatnot when a single game would be just fine for our little dragon. The last time we got a stand alone Spyro game was in 2008 when we got The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon which was the final installment of the Legend of Spyro trilogy. The franchise has sold over 20 million units worldwide over the years and has a large fan base. The games have done well over the years and fans as well as many major organizations will agree that the titles have held themselves to a high level of quality in the past. All I am saying is that we are overdue for a new Spyro game and the existence of Skylanders is the only reason that the franchise is only at number five on the list.

My Favorite Game in the Franchise:











Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Platforms: Playstation, Playstation Network

Rating: E

4). Crash Bandicoot (Activision)

Crash is the renaissance man of gaming.

Crash is the renaissance man of gaming.












Crash Bandicoot should be known for its presence in multiple gaming genres. The early years gave us platforming that was iconic on the Playstation. We soon got racing games that became Sony’s answer to Mario Kart and I loved every rage inducing lap. Nintendo has Mario Party? Well, let’s throw Crash and his friends into a party game as well. You couldn’t own a Playstation and not have at least one Crash Bandicoot game because the franchise had something for all different types of gamers. Unfortunately, the last time we got a Crash game that wasn’t for the iPhones was back in 2008. Even worse is the fact that Crash: Mind Over Mutant did not live up to the standards that the previous games had established. This is why I am calling for some new Crash Bandicoot games. Developers can pick between party, racing, and platforming games and have examples to pick from. With millions of copies sold world-wide, and a fan base that has persisted, the world is waiting for Crash and the gang to jump back into the fray. Luckily, there are rumors running around that there may in fact be something in the works, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you because the rumors are just that; rumors. The biggest issue is the fact that Crash Bandicoot made a name for himself in the days prior to the Playstation 2 which would lead developers to believe that the fan base has faded. However, I would argue that we are older with our own disposable income now.

My Favorite Game in the Franchise:










Crash Team Racing

Platforms: Playstation, Playstation Network

Rating: E

3). Unreal (Midway Games)

Now that is what I call a classic arena game.

Now that is what I call a classic arena game.









Anyone that knows gaming should know about Unreal. Not only are their shooting games fantastic, but the Unreal Engine has gone down in history as a foundations in gaming that is still used by developers. The engine was originally intended for use in FPS’s, but it has been adapted for use in MMORPG’s and stealth games. The series is famous for having the first patch in a console game as well as the first AI in a death match. Sounds groundbreaking doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is and the series is known not only for its advances in gaming technology, but also its very good games. The shooters are made primarily for PC’s, but every generation sees a port onto consoles. The last game that we got was Unreal Tournament III in 2007 for the XBox 360 and PS3. The PS3 was the only one to receive the Titan Pack in 2009, but the game itself got very good reviews. The series has not really missed a step as the years have gone by and the ability to mod the computer versions allow for the existing games to have lasting value. I know that the huge Unreal fan base out there wants a new game and it would definitely do well in this age of gaming mods.

My Favorite Game in the Franchise:












Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

Platforms: Xbox

Rating: M

2). Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)

Some of his recent games may have ran right past you.

Some of his recent games may have run right past you.










Do not tell me that Sonic Generations should keep this franchise off of the list. A collection of your best games hardly counts as a new one and just means that you are having trouble with new material. I hear that Sonic Colors is good and I do plan to play it, but that came out in 2010. When Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is outselling your main series of games, you have a problem. In recent years it seems as though Sega has lost its way when it comes to making Sonic games. Even though a few of the title have been solid, they are rarely good enough to make consumers go out and buy them at the launch price. Hopefully, the release of Sonic Generations will help Sega remember what made Sonic so good and help them with a new game that will actually make people want to go out there and buy it. Honestly, when it comes to franchises on this list, Sonic is arguably the most iconic of them all which should make for easy marketing. Honestly, when the mobile version of your first game comes out in 2007 and it outsells all four of the games released after it combined, you may want to start rethinking your strategy.

My Favorite Game in the Franchise:












Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Platforms: GameCubde, Playstation 2, Xbox

Rating: E

1). Mega Man (Capcom)

Damn you Capcom.

Damn you Capcom.












Who the hell said it was alright to cancel all of these Mega Man games? I know I wasn’t asked about this. Countless titles in the franchise have sold prolifically making Mega Man Capcom’s most successful franchise. Keiji Inafune decides to walk out on Capcom leaving us all high and dry when we expected Mega Man Universe and Legends 3 in the near future. Mega Man has been declared dead which has left fans all around the world extremely unhappy. How could such a successful franchise go down when there were titles in the works? The fact that the series is dead is why Mega Man leads this list. There was enough interest out there to spark multiple projects before the internal collapse which shows you that the series is worth reviving. Over 21 million units have been sold world-wide and the little guy is iconic enough to appear in the many fighting game crossovers that Capcom is a part of. Mega Man 10 came out in 2010 and I cannot live in a world where that is the last game that we see from this glorious franchise.

My Favorite Game in the Franchise:










Megaman Zero

Platforms: Gameboy Advance

Rating: E

Personal Choice:

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (EA Games)

Who doesn't love boomerangs?

Who doesn’t love boomerangs?












Some of you may not know who this boomerang chucking little guy is. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was a trilogy of games that came out for the GameCube, Playstation 2, and Xbox. The first game sold over a million copies which sparked the trilogy’s production. I really enjoyed the fun Australian animal characters and the use of many types of boomerangs. People have called it a Crash Bandicoot clone which I consider praise when it comes to a game like this. Overall, it was pretty well received and I would personally like to see more from the franchise even though the quality of the games don’t really warrant more titles. Oh well, that is why it is my personal choice and not a part of the top five list.

My Favorite Game in the Franchise:












Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan

Platforms: GameCube, Playstation 2, Xbox

Rating: E 10+

Final Say:

With all of the reboots and sequels out there it is time that some of these great franchises get another chance. Whether they haven’t seen the light of day in years or the recent installments have not been up to par, the world of gaming is a better place when you have excitement over Sonic and Crash Bandicoot out there. If you didn’t grow up with gaming, then I definitely recommend that you check out some of these series because the games are great and a lot of their stories have aged well. Hopefully you can find a copy because older quality games get snatched up real quickly.

No reboot needed here. Just where the hell is Half Life 3?

No reboot needed here. Just where the hell is Half Life 3?

2 responses to “Top Picks – The 5 Best Video Game Franchises that are in Desperate Need of a Reboot

  1. Fable needs a reboot, maybe even a new company backing the franchise like 343 did for Halo. The first game was amazing, but the franchise saw a steady decline from there, with Fable 2 being decent with some fun features, but not quite having the same feel, and Fable 3 continuing the trend. This downward spiral culminated in the release of a party game and a Kinect game, both to horrid reception, possibly ending the franchise.

    The first game was so good, and the two sequels showed such promise that I feel the franchise deserves new life. Bring back the old writers and bring back the feel of that elegant but solid gameplay, and I’ll join with many happy others in welcoming back the franchise that was Skyrim years before Skyrim was considered possible.

    • I can agree with you on that. I poured more than my fair share of hours into the first Fable. It honestly is what sparked my love of RPG’s because I didn’t play anything like Final Fantasy until a little later on in my life. Fable 2 had some nice stuff going on with the co-op, but I do agree that it was on the decline. When the Kinect game came out I shook my head in derision. Supposedly Fable 4 is in production for the new Xbox so there is that to look forward to. Hopefully that works out because coming out with a Kinect game like that is worse than Sonic games being outsold by Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

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