Impression – Go On, Episode 14

Go On - Season 1









For the first time in a while I was more interested in the story that did not involve Ryan. Danny is finally divorcing his wife, but he ended up using the same lawyer as his wife because he is Danny. Thankfully, Anne decides to help him out with her experience in the legal system. Danny and Anne are two characters that really interest me. Danny because I hate his mentality when it comes to his wife and that is why his growth is making me take notice. Anne is obviously a great character because of her rough demeanor. However, Anne has shown a softer side in a few episodes which was the case once again tonight. Anne is able to get Danny what is his, but her pent-up frustration towards her late partner can no longer stay hidden. The talk of betrayal with Danny’s wife leads Anne to remember how her partner died because she didn’t take her heart medication. A rough thing, but people have to take steps in order to move on. For the first time since the passing, Anne is ready to sleep in her bed again, but is interrupted by a sight that is a result of Ryan’s story. Simone has come back to the group as that person that is worshiped. The one that speaks of spiritualism, is loved by everyone, and tries to get on your good side with poems. Fuck them right? Well, Ryan lets that get to him as she gets him to talk about Janie which leads to something odd. Simone is staying with Anne and the scene that interrupted her growth was Simone and Ryan having sex. That coupled with Mr. K, Steven, and Terrell Owens flipping Ryan’s car made for a very well-rounded episode.

I would not tolerate someone flipping my car.

I would not tolerate someone flipping my car.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am in love with this show. This was the best episode yet in my opinion with its balance of comedy and drama as well as its featuring of many different characters. We had a nice sports reference with T.O. many different characters received significant growth. Go On is the show that I look most forward to watching every week. I am really looking forward to seeing development between Danny and Sonia which has been hinted at ever since they looked for Sonia’s cat together.

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