News – Pandora’s Tower Comes to North America

I would have given anything to get this game.

I would have given anything to get this game.









Pandora’s Tower is an action RPG that came out for the Wii in Japan on April 29, 2011. The gameplay and interesting story are what drew me to the game. The princess is turning into a monster and the only way to save her is by defeating monsters in various towers and feeding her their flesh. Sounds crazy as hell and that is why the game wasn’t meant to come over here. On April 13, 2012 the game came out in Europe. No surprise because Europe usually gets Japanese RPG’s. They sell much better over there than in North America and I felt like they were teasing me because it was released in Europe on my birthday. Things looked grim as Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story were announced as the final ports for the Wii. No more new Wii games meant no chance at Pandora’s Tower. All hope was lost and the release of the Wii U gave me an idea. I was going to take advantage of price drops and buy a European Wii along with a copy of Pandora’s Tower and have it shipped over here. “That sounds ridiculous.” You could say that, but the lack of porting makes me an angry an desperate man. However, against all predictions and declarations, my prayers were answered.

This game has been on my list for years and guess what happened just a few days ago. I was on GameStop’s website just looking around and I saw something odd. A Wii game that was available for pre order. Not just any Wii game, but the one I had lost hope of ever playing. Pandora’s Tower is to be released in North America on March 26, 2013. However, I was inclined to be pessimistic. So, when I went to go pick up my copy of Ni No Kuni today, I asked about the game and immediately paid for it. I have a pre order down for a game is part of my favorite genre. Action RPG’s take all the RPG fun of leveling up characters and enjoying a beautiful story and they replace the sometimes uneventful turn based “action” with real time fighting. We get not only that, but a very unique story and interesting puzzles that will impress most fans of the genre.

Check it out here!

I must not get my hopes up.

I must not get my hopes up.












Final Say:

Even though I am excited beyond explanation for Pandora’s Tower to come out, being available for pre order does not mean that a game will come out. I was a part of the Phantom Breaker fiasco. I pre ordered that game in April of 2012. It was going to be my gift to myself, but the April 23, 2012 release date did not stay that way. The game was pushed back to April 29, then to August, then October, and finally December before they finally said that the game will not be coming and GameStop had to refund the pre orders. I am prepared to be disappointed, but another tease will not be easily accepted. I will not be quiet if Pandora’s Tower does not show up in March. Pessimism aside, I must have this game and I suggest that any fan of RPG’s check it out as well.

2 responses to “News – Pandora’s Tower Comes to North America

    • It looks great, but I don’t really have time to play it right now. The mechanics seem solid though.

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