Impression – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, Episode 02


Episode 02 – “Critical Life Interrupt”

The beginning of this episode sheds some light on something that was hinted at last week. The scene of the kids in rehab from the hospital visit strikes a chord with Misaka because as a child she learned of muscular dystrophy when watching a similar scene. The doctor who explained the condition convinces her that her DNA and presumably her powers would be useful in finding a cure for the disease. It’s a rather sad scene with all of the patients struggling to walk and the doctor explaining how their diseases will eventually kill them. Now I haven’t watched the Index series, but I’m assuming this is how the DNA used for her clones is extracted.


On a more lighthearted note, Kuroko and Misaka stumble upon a money card in an envelope while walking through one of Kuroko’s famous shortcuts. Apparently, these are being planted all over the city, attracting poor people with lots of time to go hunting for them. Ruiko, being one of said people in need of quick money, spends her day looking for more cards and says that she saw a girl who looked like Misaka planting them. Hmm…I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that it’s a clone of hers doing this.

We then cut away to a bunch of thugs searching for the money cards as well, and they meet a girl who they think is the source of the cards. Unfortunately for them, she turns out to be a powerful esper capable of killing people with just a brief contact of skin. Well, not really. If she had a power, it would be psychology. She tricks the Level 0’s and injects them with anesthesia while they have their guard down. She also seems to know one Misaka’s clones. Just who is this mysterious fish-eyed girl?


What I like about the series is how even mundane slice-of-life events, like the money cards scattered around the city, will connect to a larger and more important plot point. It makes it so things don’t feel all that serious. After all, these are just middle school girls we’re talking about. Crime-fighting has to be fun sometimes! Despite not knowing much about the main plot in Index, this season makes it accessible for most people who’ve only watched Railgun. Of course, I feel you’d get the most out of the series if you’ve watched everything.


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