Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 03

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next








Well, this episode went from funny to intense pretty quickly. The first part was interesting because Maria runs away from home and ends up at Kodaka’s house. Obviously this gets difficult because of Kobato, but Kodaka takes care of her because he is a good guy. Maria’s older sister Kate “shows up” every couple of minutes by calling Kodaka to make sure that Maria is alright. This was cute and funny, but the second half of the show is what really matters. The gang gets together in the clubroom and decides to have an end of exams party, but things go about as well as anything that the Neighbor’s Club does. They eat and drink as normally as possible, but Kodaka and Yozora raise some eyebrows by acting like they are childhood friends. They are, but no one is supposed to know that. I feel like I want to like Yozora, but I just can’t yet. The group ends up playing a King’s Game with some special random order rules that Kodaka established in order to keep the peace. Things progress interestingly from forced cosplay to Kodaka having to show off his chest, but the laughs stop with the final order. Kodaka and Sena have to kiss. I was literally on the edge of my seat during the lead up and I almost fell down when Yozora ruined everything. Although, Sena agrees that a forced kiss isn’t really what she wants. I was happy with that, but the end of the episode introduced something that I really enjoy in a romance anime. Apparently, Sena’s dad thinks that Kodaka is marrying his daughter.


Not your average nuns.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I am so hyped about what just happened. I am a fan of Kodaka ending up with Sena and the whole marriage thing is sure to be a very interesting part of the anime. If this and/or the fact that Yozora and Kodaka used to be close gets out, then we will have some very good development coming to us in the near future. The comedy is still nice and the fact that the nuns were not acting crudely was a sight for sore eyes. I look forward to seeing how Kodaka and Sena react to this whole marriage thing.

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