Impression – Cuticle Tantei Inaba, Episode 04

cuticle tantei inaba








Well, I really enjoyed this episode. There is a nice little plot element that was added when we get to see Inaba’s little brother Haruka. Instead of being lost, Haruka became the leader of a terrorist organization that wishes to eliminate the existing police force. Once they do that, the group will take advantage of the chaos and step in as the new form of justice. Well, that is interesting and this does help the story progress. Things don’t completely change because we get the usual comedy as the major part of the show and this week’s gags were really enjoyable. Towards the end we learn that the Secret Doberman project is quite old and that they no longer have strong ties with Japan. I am seeing an interesting story coming together where the Secret Doberman organization tries to take over Japan after a falling out with the police force. Interesting stuff if you ask me. The fact that I have hopes for an actual story is what is keeping me going with this show. Cuticle Tantei Inaba has a lot of competition this series and mindless comedy won’t keep its viewers when there are so many other quality shows out this season.

Rabbits have a nasty bite.

Rabbits have a nasty bite.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I am cautiously enjoying this show again. The humor fluctuates in overall quality, but it stays within the same style so it will keep people who enjoy it. I can’t emphasize enough the need for these little plot points to get fleshed out because I don’t need another sketch comedy series. There is some good potential in what we have and utilizing the more serious elements won’t have to take away from the humor. I am looking forward to seeing what is going on with this underground secret doberman thing.

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