Impression – Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, Episode 04

Ore Shura








Some shows have moments that are embarrassing to watch. Oreshura has blocks of several minutes that are hard to watch. Not like “this is stupid” kind of hard to watch, but “damn, that is embarrassing” hard to watch. Chiwa decides to go on her date, but what is waiting for her was a cruel prank. The guy bet his friends that she would wait hours for him and his crew proceeds to publicly shame Chiwa. Even though Masuzu tells Eita to not go after her, He cannot leave his friend out there alone like that. Masuzu was apparently trying to show Chiwa that love is not worth it, but Eita doesn’t think that others need to be as broken as they are. Eita can’t fight three older guys, but he can dig into his chuunibyou mind and make a scene that results in Eita getting his ass kicked. It is very unfortunate that he gets beaten up, but it is realistic. If he won, not only would that be cliche, but it would take away from the great way that the altercation actually ended. Masuzu throws Chiwa a pole that she uses to take out the guys with her crazy kendo skills allowing her to save face after the public shame that just ended. That was a great moment for Chiwa and I am glad that it happened. Throughout the episode we see glimpses of the black-haired girl and the end of the episode where we see her put a note in a locker indicates that we will probably see her next episode. That was exciting, but the fact that we finally got the kiss between Eita and Masuzu was what really got to me. Masuzu admits that she is evil, but Eita knows her true nature a little better than she thought which is leading to some accelerated romantic development between the two. Damn, this episode was eventful.

Do not underestimate a Kendo star.

Do not underestimate a Kendo star.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying Oreshura. We are seeing some great romantic comedy moments that make this show really great like when Chiwa and Masuzu show up in the morning to see Eita and he can’t them away from each other. That was a fun moment, but the fact that it was only my third favorite moment from this episode is what makes me like this show so much. We have more girls to look forward to and Eita’s interactions with Masuzu are very interesting. All of these things are adding up to a very good experience. I am looking forward to seeing how our characters react to Eita’s love letter.

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