Impression – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Episode 04

maoyuu maou yuusha









Well, this episode scared me for a few reasons. Not like “OH MY GOD DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR” kind of scared, but “I really don’t want that to happen” kind of scared. The hero is still in the demon world so he isn’t around for protection when the merchants come to visit. Apparently the war is far too touchy an issue for Maou to speak lightly of ending it. This almost results in an armed attacked by the forces that the merchants brought along. I did not want to see them have to run from armed men like that. Then, when things do go well the merchant guy proposes to Maou and starts getting way too friendly with her even after she refuses him. I want to see an episode where Yuusha kicks his ass. Anyways, things are going well enough, but there seems to be a large-scale battle in the works that has the young leader of the southern nation very troubled. He wants to end this war, but his country is not capable of being self-sufficient at this time. I am sure we will see a quick alliance between this young lord and Maou when they eventually meet. The last thing that they throw at us answers a question that has been on my mind for a while. How come Yuusha doesn’t just teleport back to see Maou every once in a while? Apparently he can and he is just avoiding her. Yuusha feels as though he is of no use to Maou and that he wants to settle things for her in the demon world before he can face her again. Noble enough, but it lacks consideration. Maou is very worried that she hasn’t seen him in six months. On top of that, Yuusha has received many proposals of his own due to his righteous victories in the demon world. There is a festival coming up and I really need to see things get sorted out for these two.

Yet another super food.

Yet another super food.









Current Opinion of the Show:

Well, the tension is good. Things are progressing very quickly because they like to have six month time skips which makes sense when you are dealing with a story that is heavily based around agriculture. Going day by day when handling farming would be like watching paint dry. The corruption in the world is ever more apparent with the merchant alliance showing its true colors, but not everyone is bad. I enjoy the serious aspect of the anime, but I really need to see some progress between Yuusha and Maou. I look forward to this festival that the maids mentioned.

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