Impression: Tamako Market – Episode 04


Episode 04 – “A Small Love Blooms”

The love just never stops in Tamako Market, I tell ya. This time, it’s Tamako’s sister Anko who’s caught the lovebug in the midst of the Usagiyama Spring Festival. I don’t remember if they give the festival a specific name, but there are bunnies like always! Anko’s friends get her a group date to the museum (whoo, science!) with them and her crush, but unfortunately the day falls on the day of the festival. Of course, Anko’s father wants her to help out with the shop but her grandfather and Tamako cover for her, along with some help from Kanna and Shiori. Also, we have Dera being Dera like always.


Just when Anko seems home free, Kaoru the florist asks for a favor. She wants Anko to help her dress up the little girls in traditional garb for the festival. At the beginning of the episode, we get to see Anko getting dressed up in the same outfits by her mother way back when, so things have kind of come full circle at this point. I suppose Anko felt some obligation to help out, in memory of her mother, even if it meant missing her group excursion to the wonderful museum.


A couple of her friends show up, including the boy she likes, to her an awesome ammonite souvenir. However, she gets too embarrassed and barricades herself in her room, forcing Kanna, Tamako, and Midori to literally smoke her out. Also, they really had me going as who Anko liked. I had no idea Anko would be into geeky guys with huge glasses.

I am normally quite fond of the imouto archetype of characters, in a completely healthy way of course. Their interactions with their elder siblings never fail to be hilarious and in some ways endearing as well. A few little sister characters I really like are Yuuko fromĀ Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Kureha from Mayo Chiki!, and Ui from K-On! That being said, I don’t really find Anko to be that appealing of a character. Okay, that sounds a lot harsher than I meant. I mean, she’s cute, but then again so is everyone else. Compared to Midori, Kanna, and Shiori, Anko doesn’t really stand out as much. It may just be because we haven’t seen much interaction between Anko and Tamako, other than the fact that they sleep next to each other.


This week’s preview feels a bit more ambiguous than previous, so maybe that means we’ll have a more “general” episode, as opposed to one that focuses on one character. I’m still greatly enjoying this series, and I’m hoping to see more interactions between more of the characters.


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