Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 04

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next








Traps, reverse traps, and whatever the hell Yukimura is. Well, the theme of this season is basically the girls being very obvious about how they feel regarding Kodaka. I enjoy this for the most part because I like romance and the comedy hasn’t really suffered because of it. Sena obviously doesn’t know about the “engagement” and it might as well just be the drunken delusion of her father. Although, Sena has taken to muttering under her breath that she wants to date Kodaka. The two even get mistaken for a married couple at the amusement park which sparks some awkward stuff. We find out something that about half of us saw coming and that is Yukimura being a girl. I was not one of those with such powerful clairvoyance, but it didn’t really shock me. It makes more sense than Yukimura being a trap. However, you can’t really call her a reverse trap either because she dresses up as a maid at the club. Oh well, we see Yozora very angry over the fact that Yukimura is actually a girl because her character is technically quite appealing. You start to feel bad for Yozora because the club that she created to be close with Kodaka has become filled with threats. Well, it wasn’t all romance. Yozora and Sena get into a war over their roller coaster endurance which results in some ill placed vomit. Quite the amusement park episode.

I cannot stand roller coasters.

I cannot stand roller coasters.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still very much entertained by this new season. Things are heating up and we might get to see Yozora get pretty serious in regards to Kodaka which I would like to see. Taking the more direct approach would be nice because I am not a fan of her sadistic side that always seems to pop up when Sena gets close to Kodaka. One thing I was not a fan of was the graphic nature of a few of the scenes. I did not need to see animated puke and I was very Lucky to not be eating while watching this episode and the way in which Rika chose to confirm Yukimura’s lack of penis was a little too hentai-esque for me. Overall, I did enjoy the episode and I am looking forward to seeing how Yukimura’s role in the anime changes now that everyone knows that he is actually a she.

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