Impression: Tamako Market – Episode 06


Episode 06 – “I Felt Chills Down My Spine, Too”

Unlike the weather where I’m at right now, it’s a hot summer’s day in the world of Tamako Market. This gives Tamako an idea to set up a haunted house to attract more visitors to the shopping district, in hopes of chilling their spines as well as their bodies in the process. However, some strange phenomena start occurring around the once peaceful shopping district, and I love how the cinematography switches to a grittier filter with an unsteady camera at times to match the pseudo-horror atmosphere. Food goes missing, spirits are flying around, and zombies are walking through the town! What the hell could possibly going on?!


The shop owners get freaked out and worry about the girls’ safety since they’re working on a haunted house. They attempt to do makeshift exorcisms by dousing the area with sake and giving Tamako some garlic to wear. Yeah…I think that only works on vampires. Despite the possible unwanted visitors, the girls’ haunted house is a complete success. Later, Kanna reveals that she was responsible for the some of the supernatural goings-on. I knew she couldn’t be trusted.

It feels like not much really happened in this episode, and just when I started wondering when we would see Dera’s prince again, we finally get some more information about that situation. Dera receives another transmission from the prince, in which he mentions that we can expect a special visitor in the near future. Excited to see how the introduction of this new character will shake things up.



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