Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 06

In honor of this episode being released on Valentine’s Day, this post shall feature a special poll. I know that almost no one will read this, but I would like for those of you that do to vote for the girl that you think Kodaka should end up with.

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next








How many tsundere girls can you have in one episode? That honestly depends on how much you like tsunderes, but this episode should definitely give you your fill of the cold-hearted facade. We pick up right where we left off and Yozora reveals that she and Kodaka are indeed childhood friends. For those of you that don’t know, a declaration of war was just put out and the arms race has taken quite the turn. I thought that based on the preview at the end of the last episode that this would be the time for Sena to get back on the offensive, but I guess they are saving that one for next week. This week was all about school festivals which means that it is maid cafe time. We get to see how Rika and Sena would serve someone at a maid cafe and we got two very different approaches. Rika took the extremely rude and vulgar tsundere approach, while Sena took the overly moe professional approach. Has anyone else noticed that Rika is getting a lot of exposure in this season. I mean, it is mostly attempts to seduce Kodaka, but it is the reactions that make the efforts worth while. I genuinely thought that after Rika revealed her face without glasses that Kodaka may actually be interested in her as a girl, but his reactions to Rika’s advances say otherwise. I am enjoying the evolution of Yozora and the debut of Rika because they were characters that really needed to pick it up if they didn’t want Kodaka to be running down the Sena route, but I feel that they are really dropping the ball on Sena recently. Sena has always been that overly prideful, yet gullible girl who Kodaka had to look out for, but the show seems to be turning her into comic relief when her character is much more than that.I can at least say that we are seeing some platonic development between the girls recently which is nice because this doesn’t have to be entirely about romance. Everyone wants to make friends as well.

I don't know how anyone can attempt to legitimize fortune telling.

I don’t know how anyone can attempt to legitimize fortune-telling.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I really like where this show is going for the most part. I am liking Next much better than season one because of the attention to the other characters and this new preview gives me hope for Sena’s character. Yozora is really taking the offensive when it comes to Kodaka which is working far better than Rika’s seduction tactics. Al in all the humor, character development, and overall story is on the rise which is making for a really great series. Now that feelings are starting to be put out into the open, I am really looking forward to seeing Kodaka make a choice. When it comes to my opinion on the matter, it is still Sena if they don’t turn her into a complete idiot moving forward.

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