Impression: Kotoura-san – Episode 06


Episode 06 – “Summer Vacation”

With all these summer anime episodes, it’s hard to remember that it’s still a very cold winter in the real world. In this episode, Kotoura and the gang take a trip to Kotoura’s grandfather’s house for summer break. Mifune tries to get Muroto’s attention throughout the whole episode, but he just seems genuinely uninterested. Moritani and Kotoura are also getting to be pretty friendly. Moritani seems to often feel left out of the group, and Kotoura can sympathize with her for that.


Kotoura’s perverted grandfather arranges for them to explore a “psychic research facility,” which turns out to just be an abandoned hospital. While looking around, Kotoura thinks she hears ghosts, but it’s just Manabe thinking stupid stuff. After being chased around by some Western cryptozoological specimens, the ESP Research Society members find themselves in…Harukaland? Right, so apparently Kotoura’s grandfather shelled out the money to create a theme park based off of her. That’s not weird at all.

The second half of the episode is dedicated to the tried-and-true staple of any anime: the beach visit. Not much to say here, other than to comment on Kotoura’s complex with her flat chest, and Mifune trying to flaunt hers to grab Muroto’s attention. However, Kotoura finds herself being carried off into the ocean (gotta watch out for those riptides, people!), but luckily Manabe is there to save the day. This episode also features a special ED with Kotoura singing about her flat chest!


I feel the series is shying away from mentioning Kotoura’s telepathy because there are times when she should clearly be reading people’s minds. For example, when Manabe gets embarrassed when Kotoura’s in his arms after rescuing her, she should be able to tell what kinds of things he’s thinking. Still, it looks like Kotoura’s powers will become a point of contention once again as we appear to have the return of her mother upon us!


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