Impression – Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, Episode 09









I will now rescind my earlier comment about wanting a real engagement between Eita and Ai. I said that I would not like it if the engagement was some child’s promise, but this episode made things work out once again. I am going to be very honest with you by admitting that my heart was racing while waiting for the video to load. I just really wanted to watch this episode of Oreshura. When the episode opened with a slideshow of the time that Eita and I spent together as children I almost cried. I almost could not handle how beautiful their story was shaping up to be. Then, Eita accidentally ends up with Ai’s delusional notebook and we get one hell of a chase scene when Ai gets desperate to get said notebook back. When Eita started reciting some classic Burning Fighting Fighter material in order to comfort Ai regarding her embarrassment, my emotions started getting out of control. Next we have Eita and Ai going to see the fireworks together and they take a walk past places that they used to visit along the way. The scenery has obviously changed in the past ten years and seeing dried up fields and whatnot really put a damper on the mood. Suddenly Eita remembers the secret spot and he pulls Ai by the hand the way that he did ten years ago to their private fireworks show. I’ll be honest, the tears started coming out at this point. I didn’t think that the story could get any more beautiful, but it did. Ai addressed Eita by an old nickname and the memories came rushing back. “You are Ei-kun, Eita-kun, and Eita now, but before that you were Takkun.” The mood was set and I was waiting for Ai to mention their engagement. Well, it turns out that it was a child’s promise. Ai pulled out a piece of paper that said it was a marriage license. Eita promised Ai back in kindergarten that he would give it his stamp in ten years. Ten years later is now and Ai looks kind of crazy. Asking the guy she was just reunited with to marry her. Even chasing him down when Eita thinks that Ai is obviously moving too fast. That was just the right level of comedy to keep this show great. Eita ends up being taken away by Chiwa and Hime to go see the fireworks at the regular area. Honestly, I feel that Chiwa and Hime hanging out like that, and their current lack of screen time, may lead to the two becoming non factors moving forward in the harem. It is honestly too early to make a real judgement of the situation, but from my experience, I would say that such things lead to you becoming supporting characters. On the other hand, I thought that there was no way that I would support anyone besides Ai at this point. She has just the right mix of beautiful story and hilarious personality going for her. However, Masuzu will not go down lightly. The next day Eita shows up to the school to see Masuzu in a yukata. Obviously she was the only girl he didn’t see in one and she is confronting him about his encounter with Ai. Eita has to redeem himself by kissing Masuzu for the amount of time that he spent with Ai. Well, that would be thirty minutes aqnd that startles Masuzu. “Thirty minutes! Are you trying to get me pregnant?” It turns out to be a three-minute long kiss on the cheek, but the embarrassment that Masuzu shows after said kiss shows off her growing feelings for Eita. Damn, this is a great love story.

You can't have a slice of life series without yukatas.

You can’t have a slice of life series without yukatas.












Current Opinion of the Show:

Oreshura is really fighting Mondaiji for the right to be called my favorite show this season. The bond between Eita and Ai fits what I am looking for in a romance so perfectly that I almost can’t believe what I am watching. Meet as children, share great memories together, the guy is a likable character, the girl is kind of crazy, the list goes on. I know what you are thinking. I will admit that my idea of a great anime romance is odd, but I can like whatever I want. The thing is that even after all of that stuff happened with Ai, I like Masuzu’s character so much that I still can’t decide on a favorite pairing just yet. The story is too damn good and I need more. Hopefully we get to see more moments with Masuzu now that the club is reinstated and there is a beach episode coming up.

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