Impression – Go On, Episode 18

Go On - Season 1









Well, on a night when my dad comes back from the casino when he wasn’t supposed to be there, Go On decides to address gambling issues. Ryan is trying to deal with losing Simone when he gets Janie’s life insurance check in the mail. Our main story follows Ryan getting back into gambling which is a problem that has plagued him since he was in college. Obviously, gambling can be an addiction that tears families apart. It affected Steven when the two were roommates and Lauren’s father nearly tore apart her family because of it. Gambling is not just an issues in the world of Go On. It is an issue that I have had to deal with indirectly because I am not the one with the addiction. However, something that feeds on money the way that gambling does never simply affects the person with the addiction. Things go from March Madness to Ryan blowing Janie’s life insurance check at a casino. Luckily, Lauren uses her experience with her father to help get Ryan through this pain. On the other end, Anne finds herself a new girlfriend. Normally, the guy gets the beautiful girl and it is nice to see the female character find someone who is aesthetically pleasing, but it got a little downgraded by the obvious girl-on-girl fan service. They made out in slow motion for God’s sake. Well, the new gal pal is about as bright as a black hole and Anne is embarrassed to be around her. Things fall apart, but the group tells Anne that she should let herself be happy. However, this show gets real and the two don’t get back together. Ryan and Anne end the show having one of their classic bonding moments at Ryan’s place. The two have a remarkable connection that really gets to me. They talk about how they still wear their respective wedding rings and the various romantic endeavors that have left them down. Ryan and Anne release their rings on the strings of balloons which doesn’t make a lot of sense in the world of physics, but it was symbolic of the two taking a step forward. My favorite part of the show is definitely the relationship between Ryan and Anne.

It is all fun and games until you can't pay the bills.

It is all fun and games until you can’t pay the bills.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I can’t get over how much this show brightens my week. I need a serious comedy in my life and Go On is the perfect mix of humor and drama. The real issues that the characters have to deal with continue to get to me and I know that they have something that everyone can relate to. We got our humor with the growing tension between Danny and Sonia, as well as the antics of the rest of the group. Honestly, the balance with which the characters are developed is something that I really appreciate. Too many shows and movies introduce characters that get disregarded. I am really high on this show and I can’t wait to see more of Carrie who is a very underrated character.

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