Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 10

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next








This episode got pretty serious once again. Even though the real purpose of the Neighbor’s Club was for Yozora to reconnect with Kodaka, the description says that it is meant for people to learn how to make friends. I guess that gets lost at times in this anime because it is a romance, but each character’s desire to make friends gets highlighted at times. Have I mentioned that I get depressed while watching this anime sometimes? Well it does. The group decides to make a new movie that Sena had written in anticipation of Yozora’s failure which basically incorporates what everyone had wanted. Kodaka helps Rika get the movie equipment to her lab where she has worked on the graphics for many games and movies. Obviously, the genius does good work, but it is her photo albums and dedication to the club work that hit Kodaka. He notices that Rika may be working harder than anyone to make friends because she actually has fun with the group and, much like most of the club members, has been alone for most her life socially speaking. Kodaka seemed happy that Rika was having fun, but I was just sad. You should all know by now that I get pretty emotional. Next, we have the club visiting the middle school in order to watch Kobato’s movie. It revolved around the story of princess Kaguya and all of these men wanted to marry her. Apparently, Kobato is extremely popular and people refer to her with a “-sama” which threw everyone for a loop. However, she seems to be overly shy and against getting close to others. I felt like she was being harassed the entire time and she was obviously uncomfortable. I guess she isn’t comfortable with being herself around those people who I can understand to an extent. Her popularity hits Maria kind of hard, but thigs cool down when Kobato shows up for the filming. Kodaka looks lovingly at her sister and Maria as they show their obvious friendship. Mission accomplished on that end. Things got really intense when Kodaka notices Rika on the roof during the athletics festival. She had been up all night working on the movie and Kodaka was worried about her. Then, Rika calls out Kodaka for playing the fool regarding the feelings that everyone has for him. Aside from an odd outburst, Kodaka continued to feign ignorance, but Rika is getting tired of his shit. I am glad that someone finally called out the main character of a harem anime, but the reaction that we got was very unexpected. Kodaka got really defensive about the whole thing and his internal monologue told us a lot about the situation. He knows that everyone likes him, but he ends things by saying that he can’t answer those feelings. I think it is pretty clear that Kodaka is going to be playing the nice guy here. Kodaka has been the one to notice that the girls are starting to be more friendly with one another and he obviously wants them to become friends. However, if he were to pick one of them, then it would drive a rift into the group and everything that they have accomplished thus far would come crashing down. I could definitely see that happening if Kodaka picked someone, but people are getting tired of basically throwing themselves at the man. I could be wrong, but I don’t really see this going any other way. I guess things might stay serious for a while now.

Rika is a special effects master.

Rika is a special effects master.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying the serious part of this series. Hopefully, they don’t just abandon what happened in this episode for some laughs in the next episode because I don’t think that I can wait two weeks, or even worse, until season three to find out what Kodaka is really thinking. Even though Rika got a lot of screen time in this episode, and she made history by calling out Kodaka’s denial, I don’t see her winning in the end. That sucks because Rika is a great character, but any pick outside of the big two seems very unlikely. Thus, outside of a real curveball, Yozora and Sena are making this a two-horse race. Now that things have started to balance back out, I can say that I am still rooting for Sena. Yes, I faltered earlier, but she finally got some screen time that didn’t make her look like an idiot. Something that I am really looking forward to in the next episode is seeing Aoi again. She appeared in next week’s preview and I can only imagine that her praise for Sena will be met by odd reciprocation and her praise of Kodaka will get her kicked out of the clubroom.

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