Impression: Kotoura-san – Episode 11


Episode 11 – “Stand by Me”

Things wrap themselves quite nicely up in this episode and in more ways than one. It dawned on me as I  was watching that almost all of the characters have struggled with bullies some time in their lives. Kotoura obviously had the most devastating experience in this regard due to her powers, but Mifune, Moritani, and even Tsukino had problems as well. Mifune got bullied because of her mother’s reputation as a fake psychic, while we can assume that Moritani was picked on for being part of her family’s dojo. Mifune had Muroto to pick her up, while Moritani had Manabe. Unfortuantely, Tsukino wasn’t as fortunate and as we see later in the episode, this becomes problematic.

When we last left off, Mifune was about to get attacked by the criminal. Luckily, is able to use his body as a shield but gets hospitalized in the process. Kotoura once again feels responsible and ends up at Tsukino’s apartment. It turns at the criminal is in fact Tsukino (what a huge surprise!, not really), or I guess you could its her alter-ego, the side of her that resents everyone for picking on her for her size and strength. As Tsukino prepares to strike Kotoura, she has flashbacks of her childhood back to the first episode. Kotoura realizes that while she used to have difficulty moving forward in life, she now has a reason to live: her new friends. In this moment, Manabe deus ex machina’s his way to Kotoura’s rescue.


I feel really bad for Tsukino because she’s not a bad guy at all. She was in the same scenario as Kotoura and the others, but didn’t have anyone to stand by her. No one was there to save her from herself. The moral of the story? Maybe if we were all a bit nicer to each other, less people would grow up with a warped view of the world, in which they feel jealous and that they can’t trust anyone. Everyone just wants to have friends.


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