Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 11

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next








So the intensity of this episode was pretty up and down. This is due to the fact that you can basically divide everything that happened into three parts. Part one would be called Rika gets sick. Everyone was looking forward to watching the movie, but Rika has been working too hard which resulted in her catching a cold. The movie was only 95% done and Yozora said there was no point in showing a movie if the group didn’t watch it together first, so they cancelled the screening. A few things came out of this. The first was Kodaka being oddly attracted to Rika again. The ill Rika came off as very cute and Kodaka wished for her to always be sick. It was meant to be funny and it was taken that way. Everyone had been relying on Rika too much and they were sorry. Kodaka ends up having to read a bedtime story to our yaoi lover which takes an odd turn. It turns out that Rika doesn’t know a lot about male anatomy because she thought something called a yaoi hole existed. They were probably talking about the anus, but I don’t know enough about yaoi to tell you what was going on with the terminology. I found the whole Rika thing to be more sweet than anything, but it held more of a friendly feel than anything else. Next there is the club cancellation part. Kodaka ran into Yusa when he was putting up the cancellation notice and it turns out that she has talked to Kodaka since their last encounter. Kodaka was finally able to explain the part about him being a nice guy, but the whole dating Sena thing is still out there. Well, Yusa finds out about the Neighbor’s Club and wants it shut down. Unfortunately, everything that they do is within the rules for a club as stated by Yozora. The argument actually gets pretty heated and I was really surprised by Yozora’s knowledge regarding school policy. However, the club is breaking a rule by having Maria as a moderator because she is not a real Sister. Well, Sena handled that by making a call to her dad and then threatening Yusa very harshly. Yozora and Sena actually are quite the team when they try. Obviously, this makes Kodaka pretty happy, but that mood was quickly broken by the last part. We shall call this final section Sena’s proposal. After Yusa was run out, Sena casually mentions that her dad asked about the engagement again. She then, in the most casual way possible, says that Kodaka should just marry her because she loves him. Unfortunately, Kodaka runs away from this like a coward even though Sena finally had the courage to tell him about her true feelings. Fuck you Kodaka.

I wonder if Sony is paying the staff to have their stuff advertised in the show.

I wonder if Sony is paying the staff to have their stuff advertised in the show.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Things are getting really intense right now. I mean two girls have officially confessed to Kodaka even though one of them will never be taken seriously. The problem is Kodaka. I was somewhat tolerant of his actions in the last episode because I was expecting an explanation in this one. However, the lack of an explanation, plus the fact that he ran away from Sena’s confession, makes me want to punch the guy in the face. Given, Sena could have chosen a more private venue for what was basically a marriage proposal, but you don’t run away like that. My friend Duc was very right when he texted me saying that Kodaka is a fucking coward. I don’t know what to say anymore. I wanted more answers, but the preview makes him look even worse. From what I can tell, Kodaka ditches the Neighbor’s Club to help out the student council. I am very confused by all of this. Even though I still think that his mindset is telling him to avoid the feelings that he is aware of fir he sake of everyone’s friendship, I just can’t take his execution lightly. I a looking forward to some damn answers.

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