Impression – Senyuu., Episode 13









I was wondering what they planned to do with the ending for this season because I didn’t think that they could give us a conclusion based on episode twelve. I ended up being right, but that really wasn’t a tough call. Januar is still under that crazy tentacle brainwashing and is starting to mess things up. Well, it is still six against two, so things are still looking pretty good. When they attempted to jump the demons, Januar used a teleportation spell that took Ruki and Ross to the King’s castle. Apparently, the King is working with some of the demons in order to become a ruler of legend like the King that was a part of sealing the demon king one thousand years ago. More corrupt governments and stuff. I wish that they had more time to go over stuff leading into this. Foifoi doesn’t seem like a bad guy anymore and everyone seems more important than Alba in the story right now. Also, the name Hime wasn’t just for show. The “soldier” that was traveling with Ares is actually the princess of the kingdom. The armor is actally a power suit that she controls from the inside and that is why Hime was not injured when taking that attack to the helmet. The control station for the suit is located inside of the torso. Whether or not it holds any meaning, Hime and Ruki look pretty similar. Oh well, finding out will take way too long.

There have been a lot of power suits in anime recently.

There have been a lot of power suits in anime recently.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am pretty disappointed with this show when it comes to grading it as just an anime. The comedy got pretty stale and the story didn’t really get to go very far. However, when you consider the fact that the episodes were less than five minutes long with a minute long ending theme in each one, then you have to give the series some leeway . This is obviously a series that suffered from the amount of time that it was allotted. It could have easily functioned as a full length adventure comedy, but it didn’t get the chance. The fun characters, interesting story, and comedy that was spectacular at times gave us hints at the potential that Senyuu. holds. I am not guaranteeing that the show would have been great had it been a full length series, but I definitely think it would have been better. Will we ever know? Probably not, but you can expect a sequel with the ending that they gave us if the funding holds up.

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