Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 01

I was expecting a romantic comedy.

I was expecting a romantic comedy.











I can’t rely on series descriptions from several months prior to a series airing. The short synopsis of Dansai suggested that we would be getting a romantic comedy where a dude with a hair fetish became obsessed with a girl who has cursed hair. It’s not like we didn’t get that at first. The dude decides to check out the rumor of a ghost girl who has long hair because he has a thing for cutting people’s hair. I got a Cuticle Tantei Inaba feel, but that is kind of an insult. I did not like that series and Inaba’s hair fetish was stupid, while Kiri’s was sweet. Well, that wasn’t how it started, but the obsession with Iwai’s hair really connected the two. I would tell a pervert that started smelling my hair when he didn’t even know me to back the fuck off, but being creepy is often a matter of perception. Fans of How I Met Your Mother may know this as Dobler vs Dahmer. For those of you that are not familiar with that show or those names, this is what I mean. When someone makes some huge romantic gesture, people will either find it sweet or creepy. Lloyd Dobler made the boom box over the head move a classic, while Jeffrey Dahmer is a horrible serial killer. Perception can go a long way and Iwai definitely labeled Kiri a Dobler. The two started to get closer, but these two odd individuals started to get in between the cute couple. Iwai accuses the Byouinzaka Sisters of being murderers, but that seemed like a far-fetched tale told by someone who needed to get out of the house more often. I kind of disregarded that when it happened because I felt like the focus was on the misfortune of Iwai. Her parents are out of the picture and she would welcome death at this point in her life. However, things took a wild turn when the sisters attack Iwai and threaten Kiri’s life. This really shook up the tone of the episode for those of us that were still stuck on the romance. I got decently emotional when I saw this poor girl continue to suffer. Well, the Byouinzaka Sisters aren’t the only one’s wielding weapons. Apparently, Kiri’s family heirloom is actually a murder weapon. The scissors, much like the things that the messed up sisters carried, are called Killing Tools. They are murder weapons that have been passed down through the family line of famous killers. Well, these scissors took a “life” that night. Kiri and his scissors are able to cut Iwai’s hair. Things seem to be going great now. The romance has already taken off, but the tone is far too dark for that. A game is about to start and I know that no one wants to be a part of it.

I have a feeling that this will be a pretty duo centric story.

I have a feeling that this will be a pretty duo centric story.










We got a lot of information in this first episode, but we really only got to know two characters. Kiri Haimura is our main character. Kiri has a hair fetish that specifically has to deal with the cutting of hair. This all started when he happened upon some crazy scissors that had been passed down through the family. Although his fetish is creepy, Kiri seems like a nice guy that will stand up for others. Kiri’s killing tool is a pair of scissors called Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge. Iwai Mushanokouji is a girl with cursed hair. Her hair cannot be cut and this has led to a lot of misfortune in her life. The hair itself has kept her out of school and the curse is blamed for the people around her experiencing misfortune. Her parents are out of the picture and this lonely feeling has made Iwai give up on life. However, Kiri has started to bring out a more cheerful version of our innocent little girl. Yamane and Houko Byouinzaka are two girls that seem very messed up in the head. They have dark auras and are responsible for the death of at least one person. The two wield killing tools that have not yet been named, but one of them is a syringe. Aside from that, I think we should be expecting a bunch of characters with murderous intent. I have a feeling that the story could end up being pretty duo centric, but there should be no lack of enemies because this appears to be a murder game.

Those are some fancy scissors.

Those are some fancy scissors.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Even though I was expecting a simple romantic comedy, I am even more excited for this series moving forward now than I ever was when I made that wrong assumption. The winter anime season lacked a true action series and I have a need that much be filled. This series seems extremely promising because I have really enjoyed murder games in the past. I think that the concept of being connected to this through famous murder weapons is really interesting and it definitely makes for some unique battle weapons. However, it’s not just the action that is pulling me in. The romance already has me hooked. A girl who has found her savior in life, but will ultimately feel guilty for bringing misfortune upon her love interest. Then there is the boy who has fallen in love with a girl and now has to fight for more than one life. Add all of that to the fact that the series has beautiful animation and you have the makings of a great series. I am really looking forward to seeing the fights take place because the preview showed off some crazy stuff.

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