Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 01

I honestly did not expect that part time job thing to play this big of a role.

I honestly did not expect that part-time job thing to play this big of a role.










When I was told that I had to cover another series with an unconventional demon king, I wasn’t that disappointed. I enjoyed Maoyuu and Senyuu. from last season, but then I heard that Hataraku Maou-sama! was going to be about a demon king that has to work part-time. I was going to say that what we got was unexpected, but I don’t think I expected anything besides something ridiculous. Well, we definitely got that. The episode opened with Satan declaring war on the humans and sending out his armies to conquer four islands. Things were going well until a hero forced the demon armies back and eventually made Satan and his general flee through an inter dimensional portal. The entire opening scene part really pissed me off. Not because it was bad, but because it was surprisingly good. I hated the fact that the action scenes looked much better than what we end up getting in quite a few action series. We are definitely not getting that again which almost makes it a waste. If a show about a demon lord that has to work at a fake McDonald’s can have action scenes like that, then real action series no longer have any excuses to make in that regard. After that, Maou finds out that they have entered Tokyo in our world and this has given them human bodies with a lack of magic. Luckily, there was enough magic left over for Maou to obtain information on our world and get some important identification. The two realize that they need to set up a base of operations as they try to get back to their realm. We quickly shifted from action to comedy, but that wasn’t a bad thing. The action scenes were pretty damn cool, but the comedy was also pretty interesting. Seeing two high-class demons trying to get used to the human world was funny and the time skip to when they get somewhat settled was nice. Maou ends up being the ideal worker as a part timer. Although he doesn’t spend his money like he is on a budget, the King and General seem to be getting by just fine. The problem is that while Ashiya is fighting a losing battle trying to find a way to restore demon magic, Maou is becoming far too involved in his menial labor and the promotion to a full-time worker is not helping. Did I mention that the hero has followed the demons and is in our world as well?

The girl on the right is way too young to be with the demon king.

The girl on the right is way too young to be with the demon king.










We ended up only getting to know four characters. However, the fact that myanimelist only lists those four as of now should mean that they are important. Sadao Maou is the proud demon lord that foolishly attacked the humans in his realm. At first he seems very intelligent and capable when it comes to handling things in our world, but that soon changes. I guess it’s not odd to not like having debt, but you can’t buy things when you need to eat. I guess the oddest part of Maou’s established personality is his work ethic. Anyone would be happy with a promotion, but the level of dedication that leads to heating up baby food and almost using up the last of his magic to win the regional sales race is not something that people do. Oh well, King’s are often quite odd. Shirou Ashiya is a loyal general that serves the demon lord. Although he seems to be the one that is most unstable in this new world at first, he later becomes the voice of reason calling into question Maou’s use of money. Obviously he wants to go home and I assume that Ashiya and Maou will have an interesting relationship where Ashiya thinks that Maou has gone mad as the demon king gets more and more used to life in our realm. Emi Yusa is a girl who Maou met on his way to work. It was raining, so he gave the girl his umbrella. I guess that the demon king is definitely getting soft. Well, Emi is actually the hero that won the war against Maou in the other realm. Obviously she must have followed him, but not much is known about her as of now. Chiho Sasaki is a young coworker of Maou’s. She is very energetic and is obviously in love with Maou, but Chiho is also very clumsy at work. I guess we will get to know some of the other characters like Maou’s boss because the preview for episode two has already told us that we will be seeing a lot of this job in the story. Aside from that, we might expect some more people from the other realm, but I am not sure if this is the kind of series that would have a lot of recurring characters.

Sympathizing with the enemy often leads to romance.

Sympathizing with the enemy often leads to romance.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I am not really sure how I feel about this show. The animation is nice and the comedy seems good, but I am not really sure how they are going to handle the story. Unless the prediction gods hate me, then this will be a love triangle between Maou, Emi, and Chiho. The story will be a romantic comedy that has Maou becoming less and less evil while Ashiya tries, and fails, to keep the demon lord on track when it comes to going back home and winning the war. The romance thing isn’t speculation because it is one of the genre tags for the series, but that isn’t what worries me. The story has enough of a foundation to handle a simple romantic comedy, but I am worried about this series making a name for itself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be different, but I would like it to be a quality series. The ridiculous nature of Hataraku Maou-sama! is telling me that I should have hope. All I can say for sure is that I did enjoy he first episode and that I am looking forward to seeing how they handle the hero being in our world as well.

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