Impression – Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san, Episode 01

I didn't know that mermaids liked worms.

I didn’t know that mermaids liked worms.












I guess that I should have expected something short when Bryan asked me if this was going to be a five-minute series. Namiuchigawa isn’t a five-minute series, but it is a half-length one. I knew that this was going to be a comedy going in, but I didn’t expect a perverse sketch comedy series. I mean, making sex jokes is something that is appealing to an extent in most modern cultures, but I really don’t know how to feel about this one. The fishing concept is nice because t isn’t done very often. Sure, things like Tsuritama exist, but at least we aren’t stuck in a classroom again. We got a lot of jokes thrown out at us and some of them were better than others. The whole predators thing with cats and seagulls attacking the mermaid was pretty funny because that is something that I have always questioned. If mermaids existed, would other animals treat them like fish, mammals, or something completely different? The erotic jokes were a little hit or miss for me. Hooking a mermaid’s top while fishing and whatnot is something that is so cliché that it is just mandatory at this point in time. I found that whole bit to be moderately funny. However, the orgasmic encounter with the jellyfish really threw me off. When it comes to sexual situations, I am the kind of person that draws many lines in the sand. On the other side of those lines often lies interspecies business from Japan, but they aren’t the only one’s with odd fetishes. Western culture also has their dark fetishes and that is a bad thing. As a person that spends more time on the internet than off of it while conscious, I have seen far too many things that should not exist. I guess the thing to take away from all of this is that there is some twisted humor in this series.

Talk about a duo centric opening.

Talk about a duo centric opening.









The first episode really only introduced two characters and I think that they will be the main focus of the series moving forward. Takurou Mukoujima is a young man who has a hobby befitting of a much older gentleman. The dude likes to fish and this lead to hit hooking quite the odd haul one day. Takurou seems pretty plain in terms of most traits, but he has that classic “kindness+common sense=anime protagonist” formula going on that makes him either likable or cliché depending on your point of view. Muromi-san is a very energetic mermaid that ended up getting caught by the affectionately titled “Takkun” one day. She is very clumsy at times which results in her getting caught on fishing hooks, but she is definitely not an innocent character. The mermaid makes a lot of comically sexual advances on Takkun and their level of charm is left up to the person evaluating them. Although we haven’t met anyone else yet, the opening suggests that there will be several other mermaids and a woman introduced in the near future. I don’t think that the story could function with two characters alone anyways.

I am not a fan of this.

I am not a fan of this.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Obviously, the picture that is above this section may or may not gross you out, but I think that you need to see this before deciding to watch the series. As it is something that could rub people the wrong way, here is your taste of the most intense humor I have seen thus far. That aside, I did find this series to be entertaining. I had some good laughs and I am a fan of almost anything that takes place outside of a classroom. I can only watch so many series that take place in middle and high schools before they all start blending together. I will say that the art style kind of pissed me off. Sure, it is obviously a lower budget series, but I don’t hate all cheaper animation styles. Things like Senyuu. from last season feel charming. However, this was not doing it for me. I just really wanted to punch the guy in the face because I hate the way that the heads were drawn. Oh well, I will be looking forward to some more laughs because I plan to keep on watching this series. For now at least.

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