Impression – Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita., Episode 03









I think that this entire series is going to boil down to exactly what we got out of this episode. We are going to get some very perverse stuff like we did with the tentacle attack and the almost naked encounters. We are going to get some shots of heroes as they fight in a world without fighting. This will lead to some racism that will hurt Phino. Also, we will get a romantic story that lacks any serious rivals for Phino. They are pushing this one like it is Kirito and Asuna or something like that.

This picture accurately describes the many moods that I go through while watching this series.

This episode started off exactly as I thought it would. Living next to Raul has its advantages for Phino. Don’t worry about waking up to your alarm because Raul can bust into your place to wake you up in the morning. There is no reason to buy clothes when Raul is simply going to throw some at you. You won’t get lonely either because you can go around town with Raul. That sounds nice, but Raul is essentially working two jobs right now. I don’t think that he is qualified to be a caretaker. Having said that, he is doing a fairly good job with Phino. The only problem is that she still messes with the customers in ways that she should not. Phino almost assaulted Airi because she thought that the wannabe hero was trying to file a complaint. If only the events of the episode were that simple. Lunchtime gave us an odd hint at Lam’s true identity. She reacted to Phino quite oddly when she went to get food with Raul. After that, some new merchandise started a very pornographic experience. There was essentially some tentacle rape going on that only Raul could stop with his magic sword. That sounded better in my head. After they defeated the groping arms, the machine discharged a sticky white substance that got all over Phino right before she embraced Raul. They really went too far with this one. At least they got serious again when the two went to a public bath and had a conversation about race relations.

I wanted a pornographic image that supported the main ship.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I both loved and hated this episode at the same time. Let’s talk about what I hated first because it doesn’t require a great deal of explanation. It was the tentacle rape stuff. Honestly, I can’t stand seeing shit like that. I mean, I know why it was there, but it was really unnecessary in my opinion. Isn’t there enough fan service with the bad breast physics and short skirts? I mean, what we saw today was pretty much pornography. Not only were the girls groped, but the attacked areas were very sexual. Oh yeah, and there was the ejaculation at the end. No one can say that it wasn’t meant to be that. Oh well, there were some nice things there as well. Lore is my new favorite character. Not only is she good at fixing things, but her nonchalant attitude towards all of that stuff was pretty hilarious. It was nice to finally see a female character that didn’t look like she was meant to be in hentai for once. Oh well, I don’t think that the characters aside from Phino, Raul, and Airi will be all that important and that is unfortunate.

I wonder if we will see anymore fighting.

There are two things that I know will be important moving forward that were stressed in this episode. The first is the relationship between Phino and Raul. That was pretty obvious early on, but it got shoved down our throats in this episode. She was wearing his shirt, embracing him, and being extremely close to him in general the entire time. I can’t imagine this series not going through with this one. It might be endgame, but we will be getting a play-by-play. I enjoy the pairing, so I look forward to that. The only real obstacle should be Airi, but I can’t see her really getting in the way of things. There will just be some drama when Phino finally matures and gets red eyes. I assume that Lam-chan is a demon and that she recognized her princess at the store in this episode. That won’t be the worst of it because I am sure that Airi will be the one to cause the most trouble when this happens. The forbidden romance stuff will be interesting, but I am curious to see how they handle that demon situation. They could just do some acceptance copout, but I would like to see more from the writers. Having said that, I can’t imagine getting anything better than that.

That is not a simple issue.

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