News – New Pokemon Revealed for Generation Six, 4/6/13

So, we finally get to see confirmation for the rumors that have been flying around about a new Mewtwo form. Technically, it is not officially related to Mewtwo, but it sure as hell seems that way. There are things like Alomomola not evolving from Luvdisc which has irritated many fans, but I hope that something like that is not the case. If you look at the possible moves that it uses, then we can get an idea about what kind of Pokémon this thing is. I will skip the first one for now, but here are the decently obvious guesses that I have regarding the other moves. In order: Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Psycho Cut, and Focus Blast. Once again, I skipped the first one. From those, I can guess that we are looking at a special attacker. Psycho Cut is an outlier, but that is to be expected. Now, the first one gets one of two guesses from me. I honestly think that it is either Psyshock or Psystrike. I think it is one of those because it has that psychic color and it goes from what looks like a wave to on oddly physical barrage. Psyshock and Psystrike being moves that use an attacker’s special attack and affects a defender’s physical defense. I honestly think it is Psyshock because I would think that Psystrike would look more epic, but I could be completely wrong. If it was Psystrike, Mewtwo’s signature move, then it would basically confirm that this is a new MewTwo form and that could be scary. From a competitive perspective, Mewtwo is already a huge threat in Ubers and a new form could run rampant. If this is a new form in the way that Deoxys-A is a different form of Deoxys, then things wouldn’t be too bad, but if it is an evolution, then there is a problem. Slap an eviolite on Mewtwo and sweep every team with unstoppable offense and defense. There are crazy implications in that regard, but there are people who don’t play competitively.

The possible Mewtwo form isn't the only Pokemon that got revealed after the initial X and Y announcement.

The possible Mewtwo form isn’t the only Pokemon that got revealed after the initial X and Y announcement.












Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of Sylveon’s design. People are all like “it is so cute” and whatnot, but I think that there is a little too much going on. It’s not like I don’t like cute things, but I just prefer the other Eevee forms. However, I am actually a fan of the possible Mewtwo form. The design is very alien in nature and it just feels powerful. We don’t really know a lot about these two Pokémon yet, but I think that Xerneas is the only one that is really pushing the envelope design wise thus far. I guess I might be a little biased because I love Xerneas, but all of the others look like they could fit into other Pokémon generations pretty easily. I think that from a casual standpoint, if the new Pokémon is related to Mewtwo, then it would go over pretty well. It would be a nostalgia bomb for older fans of the series and it would definitely fit the theme of genetics that has been established for the series. I am hoping for quite a few things out of this generation and here is a list of my top desires:

1). A Poison/Dragon type Pokémon.

2). A Water/Fire type Pokémon.

3). Froakie being OU quality when fully evolved.

4). Another elephant Pokémon.

5). More Pokémon with Rapid Spin.

Poison is my favorite type, water has been paired with every type besides fire thus far, there aren’t enough rapid spinners for competitive play, and the others would just be fun.

This is either a new form of Mewtwo or we have another Alomomola.

This is either a new form of Mewtwo or we have another Alomomola.

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