Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 02

hataraku maou-sama!








I thought that this series was going to shift completely into the romantic comedy style until we got a few hints at some interesting things. Although I will say that this is still a romantic comedy. Emi and Sadao continued their talk from the end of the last episode which results in the two being called in by a police officer. Emi pulled a one hundred yen knife on Sadao in public and the officer told the two to keep their lovers quarrel to a private setting. All kidding aside, it is more than obvious that Emi is going to ve a love interest for Sadao. The girl is stalking him and everyone but her seems to think that she has a boyfriend. The stalking culminates with a visit at Sadao’s job which triggers an intense response from Chiho. Sadao and Chiho have a pretty interesting relationship. Maou considers her to be a friend and Chiho is obviously in love with him. Let’s just say that turning Sadao into your typical anime guy has resulted in a love triangle pretty early on in the series. Only in an anime would the demon lord allow the hero, who is trying to slay him, to spend the night at his place. For anyone that checked out the preview for the next episode, we are going to get a declaration of war out of Chiho. I honestly thought that the little girl would be decently insignificant until today’s episode. It seems that her house is the epicenter for a lot of odd seismoological activity and I assume that it has something to do with the trio from Ente Island suddenly coming to the human world. Add that to the fact that a sniper with magic bullets took aim at both Sadao and Emi and we have ourselves quite the interesting story to throw out with the whole part-time job thing.

Flat tires suck.

Flat tires suck.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am actually pretty interested in this series. I am a bit of a sucker for romantic comedies and having a love triangle makes things all the more interesting. I guess the thing to really look at is the changing demeanor in Sadao. It is pretty hard to believe that the guy used to be an imperialistic tyrant that lead demons into battle against the human race. I am not really opposed to this drastic personality change, but I would like to know what they plan on doing with the whole returning home thing. Maou seems pretty settled when it comes to life in Japan and I can’t really see him going back to conquering the lands. What I will say is that I am very excited to see the love triangle blowing up in the next episode. The writers are throwing a pretty wild story at us thus far and I want to see how they handle this pretty common situation. Hint: the more insane, the better.

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