Impression – Karneval, Episode 02


Score 2 – “Fortune Cat”

The fun times continue to roll along in this week’s episode of Karneval as Gareki and Nai find themselves on the run from some crooked men. Luckily, the circus is in town! Not just any circus, the Circus plus its lovely mascot Nyanperowna who unfortunately is continuously trampled by the fleeing Nai and his pursuers. Gareki comes to the rescue, except he gets himself tased. The true hero really shows up in the form of Nyanperowna himself. Well, actually it’s Yogi (CV: Mamoru Miyano, as in Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club), the child-like verbose swordsman. He takes the two up to the magical flying Circus ship, which confuses me with the amount of acceptable technology during this time period.


It turns out that Circus is actually a specialized crime-fighting organization, and from what we’ve seen so far they are very well-equipped for this purpose. The monster seen at the manor in the previous episode is known as a Varuga, which are the products of experiments on the human body. This condition can be passed on through transferring of blood (like a bad STI that transforms you into a chimera). Mr. top hat Hirato entrusts Gareki and Nai to Tsukumo and Yogi as he goes off to do other stuff. This leads to a rather funny game of hide-and-seek that ends with Nai getting jettisoned outside and attacked by a stray Varuga. After getting attacked by crazy eye things, and Nai showing off his complete incompetence, the Circus ship’s friendly sheep minions come to the rescue! This episode raises quite a few mysteries like when Karuko messages Nai telepathically and the ominous scene with the apparently evil CEO. Also, I believe we see his granddaughter Elisyuka, with Karuko. How curious…


I’m really loving this series so far, particularly its aesthetic quality. We get to see the OP (“Rondo of Partiality” by GRANRODEO) for the first time, and it is very nice. A brilliant use of colors accompanied by a rock song with electric guitars and a Parisian accordion fits the mixed temporal atmosphere of the show. The colorful palette is seen throughout the episode too, especially during the circus scenes. Apparently, Tsukumo (probably my favorite character so far) is quite the trapeze artist. Very excited to see how the plot continues from here.


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