News – Release Date for Pandora’s Tower Moved Up to 4/15/13

Moving up is a good thing.

Moving up is a good thing.








There is finally some good news regarding the release date of Pandora’s Tower. I was doing my regular check of upcoming games on GameStop’s website because I am waiting on a few things and it is always nice to see what is coming out when you have access to game systems. However, I scared myself today. Pandora’s Tower was no longer listed on the coming soon page. I decided to search it directly, rather than freaking out, and I found something interesting. The game got moved up to April 15, 2013. One day isn’t the biggest deal, but I guess it is too late to pre-order the game through GameStop. If you still want it, you should just show up after it comes out. If it is anything like the Xenoblade Chronicles release, then there will be plenty of copies waiting around for you. It is a little sad, but at least you could get one. I saw some copies of The Last Story lying around after it came out, but it paled in comparison to the number of Xenoblade copies that were available. Hopefully, everyone that wants the game can get it and the endeavor will be profitable. $39.99 is still the asking price and that is pretty damn good for a new game if you ask me. For those of you that need a little more incentive, here is the trailer:

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