Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 02









Things kind of cooled down in this episode of Mushibugyou. Well, as cool as a story about monstrous bugs killing humans can be. Unfortunately, I almost let something ridiculous get to me. Jinbei started his morning practice and was swinging around a pole with boulders on it. I was like “wait a minute…” because that is crazy, but then I realized that this is an anime about fighting giant bugs. Jinbei can train Zolo style all he wants. The cool part about this episode is definitely the fact that we got introduced to Hibacji. Like, actually got to know about her. The granddaughter of the leader of a ninja clan that continued to train in a world that no longer required ninjas. The odd thing is the way that Hibachi looks up to Mugai. It looked like she loved the guy, but she actually loves his strength in the same way that Jinbei does. I guess that is actually a nice thing. Too many shows feel like a girl can’t look up to a guy unless she wants to be with him. Thank the writers for not doing that. However, things did feel a little odd. Hibachi wakes up from a dream where it seemed like Jinbei and Mugai were about to go Spiderman and Mary Jane on each other. Did you watch the Tobey Maguire Spider Man movies? Well, for those of you that didn’t, Spider man got a kiss while hanging upside down. Yeah, that was an odd dream to have. That wasn’t the oddest thing though. Half of the episode was spent on Jinbei and Hibachi talking about how cool Mugai was when he saved them. The not so creepy part was the end where Hibachi got to face her demons by fighting with the same species of bug monster that Mugai had to save her from. I wanted to see Hibachi get her redemption, but fighting alongside Jinbei is what will probably happen throughout the series due to the fact that the little samurai is our main character. I don’t think that I can really call Jinbei and Hibachi rivals like the episode title would suggest.

Water does kind of get in the way of combustion.

Water does kind of get in the way of combustion.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I really like this show. I think that Mushibugyou has a lot of potential in the action series department and I really like the way that they are handling the early episodes. We got introduced to Hibachi this time around and the preview for episode three suggests that we will see Shingiku Koikawa. Sine they decided to give so many characters a main role, it only makes sense that we get to know them before the ball really gets rolling. I know that some people have complained about the pacing of the show because of this, but I find that to be a little presumptuous. We have only seen two episodes and I see this series running for quite a while. The first season could be held to twelve episodes, but I am pretty sure that it will get another shot if that happens. The thing that I don’t really like is the way that they are handling Jinbei. Not only did the head of the group forbid him from drawing his sword for a month, but everyone else thinks that he should just go home. I am not against acknowledging weakness, but I am a little tired of the whole proving yourself to everyone thing. I like getting to know everyone, but I don’t want the way they go about it to be Jinbei earning their respect one by one only to fail in doing so with Mugai until the end of the series because Jinbei steps it up and handles something that even Mugai has trouble with or Mugai turns out to be evil and they have to fight each other. I can just see that happening and I think that stories in general should try to be better than that. I have said that I value execution over originality, but this series would have to be damn good in order to overcome what I just stated. Of course, they could go in a different direction, and I would love that, but I am just getting that sort of predictable feeling from what I have seen thus far. On the note of Mugai being evil, there is something up with that Insect Magistrate. Finally, Jinbei needs to calm the fuck down. Oh well, I am looking forward to seeing the killer in action.

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