Impression – Aiura, Episode 01


(Pony Canyon) – Genre: Slice-of-life, Comedy

The number of crab references in the opening for Aiura was the first thing I noticed. Not only that, all of the strange Steve Jobs references. There’s also the fact that almost half of this episode is going to be credits, and that seems to be the biggest problem with short-form anime shows like this one. With such a limited timeslot, you would want to use every precious second to cram as much “plot” as you can, or at the very least have enough time to setup a punchline.

It’s tough to describe the plot for Aiura because it doesn’t seem to have one. From what I can tell from the opening credits, it looks like a light slice-of-life comedy about three high school girls. It looks like there’s a really big cast judging from the credits, but we’ll have to wait before we meet them all over the course of this short series. As for the events in the episode, there really isn’t much going on. The main girl Kanaka Amaya (Yui Nakajima) goes around the neighborhood before ending up at a ice cream shop. Just as she is about to enjoy her ice cream, another girl named Ayuko Uehara (Nao Tamura) accidentally bumps into her and knocks over her ice cream. Ayuko gets scolded by her friend Saki Iwasawa (Yuuko Iida), then apologizes by giving Saki’s taiyaki to Kanaka before running off. As the episode ends, Kanaka worries about starting high school the next day and whether she will grow into her uniform.

I will say that the animation for this show is a lot better than some of the other short form anime that I’ve seen. The watercolor backdrops look beautiful and the character designs are cute and easy on the eyes. But as for plot, it is extremely lightweight, even for something this short. My guess is that this show will follow the comical adventures of these three girls as they navigate high school and enjoy their youth. It isn’t the most original, but it looks nice for a quick pick me up, if this is your sort of thing.

Lingering thoughts:

  • Those insert shots of Steve Jobs talking about crabs were amusing, I’ll admit.
  • What can the producers do to generate more interest in this show? Rotoscope it.
  • “Think crabing.”


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