News – Release of Pandora’s Tower is Inconsistent

I won't believe it until I have it n my hands.

I won’t believe it until I have it n my hands.








So, Pandora’s Tower did come out on the fifteenth, but only in some areas.It came out in other areas on the sixteenth, but the one that I pre ordered won’t be coming in until the seventeenth. I know it seems odd to have a game that doesn’t come out everywhere on the same date, but it has happened before. Fans of Fire Emblem Awakening definitely know this pain. I will say that all stores that plan on carrying the game should have their copies in by the end of the week. Contact your local provider for news on when they should have it. My GameStop said that they guarantee that the game will be in stock on April 17, 2013. It might suck that I have to wait, but fans have waited years to see the game come to America and I am happy that it is coming at all. The good part of this entire thing is the fact that the game is $39.99 and that is a great release price. Apparently, I am one of sixteen people to pre-order the game at my GameStop, which is odd because I live in the Bay Area. Oh well, that means there should be copies for those of you that didn’t pre-order the game. Stay strong everyone. The game is worth the wait.

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