News – Bravely Default, Earthbound, New Zelda, and More Announced in Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has really been making a habit out of these big bombshell announcements. I think it’s great for building up interest for the company, without having to wait for big conventions like E3. Today’s announcement focused more on the 3DS, with one special exception. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to be Released in the West, 2014

We all had confidence that Square Enix and Nintendo would bring this one over, and they’ve rewarded us with our patience. The highly sought-after spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Bravely Default is a throwback to older Final Fantasy games like V, relying heavily on the switching of job classes. This game is one of the main reasons I bought a 3DS, and I’m not sure if I can wait a whole other year for this one.

Earthbound to be Released on the Wii U Virtual Console by Year’s End


The anticipation for this day has built within Mother fans since the day of the Wii’s release and perhaps even since its SNES release in 1995. Copyright issues and supposed lack of consumer interest were obstacles from Nintendo’s standpoint. However, with the game’s Virtual Console re-release in Japan last month, things started to look up. Now, there will be no excuse for anyone with a Wii U to not experience the beauty of this game, which I’ve discussed at length.

New Yoshi’s Island Game Announced for 3DS


Take the old and make it feel new and exciting. This is why Nintendo is awesome. Yoshi’s has had some surprisingly good exposure throughout the years with his own fair share of games. For good reason, because the unique setting and ability to chuck eggs make for very fun games. The transition to 3D graphics is reminiscent of the charming Yoshi’s Story art style.

Level 5’s Guild 02 Games Will Hit 3DS eShop

Three quirky, Japanese games are making their way to Western shores via the eShop. These include:

  • The Starship Damrey: A text-driven sci-fi horror game that focuses on exploration.
  • Bugs vs. Tanks!: An arcade-style destroy all monsters type shooter.
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale: A life simulation game that takes places in a quiet town that gets attacked by monsters. The focus here is on a heartwarming story and is the one I’m most interested in.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons Will Hit 3DS Virtual Console This May


These two originally GBC titles will be made playable once again on your local 3DS Virtual Console and will retain the ability to transfer data for the secret ending. These are two great, yet often over-looked Zelda titles that deserve more press, probably a bias since I almost prefer top-down Zelda games. With a double re-release, Veran and Onox don’t stand a chance.

New Zelda Title to be Released This Holiday Season

A large homage to A Link to the Past (even set in the same time period), this new title will bring us back to the classic top-down Zelda experience. I presume this means going back to traditional controls which would be great because the touch-screen focused Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks proved to be too unwieldy for me. However, the graphics in this new game feel a bit off-putting for me at first. I guess I’m not used to seeing a top-down Zelda game where Link doesn’t look like his Wind Waker self or a 2D sprite. The focus on perspectives is a great way to utilize the 3DS’s capabilities, though.

Other Exciting News:

Animal Crossing 3DS XL Bundle ($219) + New Trailer, Making Landfall July 9

Donkey Kong: Country Returns 3D Will Come Out May 24

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to be Released on August 11 (NA) and July 12 (EU)

Pikmin 3 Will Have a Cute Pink Flying Pikmin and Will Be Released This August

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy to be Released in 2014

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