Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 03

dansai bunri no crime edge










I honestly didn’t expect to see some of the stuff that we got in this episode. Kiri and Iwai end up at Kashiko’s beauty salon because I guess the whole hair thing is still going to be a big deal. The hair obsession, be it Kiri’s fetish or Kashiko’s love/hate relationship with it, just seems odd to me. Once again, I may not be a member of the target audience for this series, but it was the second most troublesome thing for me in this episode. Well, that special event needs some back story. Kiri ends up spending the night at Iwai’s place because she is scared of the escaped murderer. That is kind of an easy thing to write in. If there is a group of people out there racing to kill you and a murder just escaped with the ability to smash through walls, then you better be scared. I was expecting some nice action and maybe some horror elements and we did get a few. When Iwai was too scared to bathe without talking to Kiri, he tells her about his history. The ancestor that murdered over two hundred people overseas and was forced to relocate to Japan for his criminal behavior. Before you think that this is all murder and whatnot, I will warn you that you should watch this with headphones on at the very least. On two separate occasions, Kiri and Iwai have sexually charged hair cutting sessions. If I hadn’t paused the video in time, then my mom would have thought that I was watching pornography. Just a heads up. The fight was interesting. After exiting the bath, the escaped murderer attacked Iwai and ends up fighting Kiri. Something pretty predictable happened when our main character is able to use great skills in combat, the source of which is the curse on his scissors. The evil that resonates from a killing good can give the author great skills in the art of killing that I am guessing come from the experience that was gained by the original wielder. Well, Kiri won and one author has already fallen. Oh yeah, the most troubling moment in this episode for me was the very realistic reaction that Iwai has when she is being chased by the author. She urinates all over the ground because she couldn’t get dressed after exiting the bath. That was gross.

Well, it seems like a better murder weapon than a pair of scissors.

Well, it seems like a better murder weapon than a pair of scissors.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still on the fence regarding this series. I think that if they continue to leave a decent amount of focus on the regular kids, then we may lose out on precious time. However, I am decently satisfied with the action. They needed a good excuse to have Kiri defeat the giant hammer wielder and they gave us a good one. With no Instead, the guy lost his soul and went mad. This loss of self-made it so that his fighting style was wild and without control. Kiri, with control over his faculties and a precision instrument, was easily able to channel the power of his killing good. This resulted in a quick fight that was not much in its own regard, but it did imply that we could be getting some interesting stuff moving forward. The struggle to maintain one’s sanity is interesting because I always like psychological elements in a story. I also don’t mind the romance, I usually love romantic stuff, but I am a little put off by what we have gotten in that department. They are trying to make it seem sweet at its core, but the creepy fetish stuff is kind of getting to me. Oh well, I watched Mirai Nikki, so I think I can finish this series. I am looking forward to seeing a real fight. One last thing, there is no way that the dude snuck into the house. There was a giant hole in the wall and every other wall smash had a noise that came with it so there was no curse based silencer involved. I am just saying that the whole sneaky thing that they pulled in this episode was bullshit.

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