Impression – Date A Live, Episode 03

Date A Live









I knew that this episode was going to focus on the first date between Shidou and Touka, but I didn’t think that it would take up so much time. Well, I really shouldn’t say that. This series has been throwing out stuff that I can’t predict since episode two. Apparently, being stuck in a space where you don’t really spend your time in a conscious state leaves you with a lack of knowledge regarding things like food and dates. Most of the time that was spent on the date, and on the episode for that matter, ended up being dedicated to food. I love food. Anyone that has seen me could guess that with ease. However, Touka even put my buffet skills to shame. The first part of the date is spent on Touka eating bread and sausages. Then, they hit up a fancy restaurant where the members of Fraxius are ready to give Shidou some much-needed support. It is tough paying for that much food when you don’t have a job. Luckily, Fraxius steps up by presenting some pretty fancy food to the two at the restaurant that was obviously taken over by them and then again at the residential area that they converted into a small fair. I guess the building shifts that occur when a spacequake happens can also be used in oder to help out Shidou. I would say that it is all too convenient, but this is an anime with spirits from other dimensions and shit like that. You can’t really question an anime like this one. Oh well, they end up at an arcade where the two love birds treat a crane machine like it is the Mars Rover. Shidou and Touka were way too into that game. They won a plush bread thing that Touka tried to eat. The date was coming to a close and Shidou went in for the finishing move. He told Touka to stay with him, that no matter what happened, he would always accept her. That would be great if he wasn’t shot. Don’t worry, they let him cheat death and get a kiss in the end.

Imagine this on steroids and you have what Touka was eating at the fancy restaurant.

Imagine this on steroids and you have what Touka was eating at the fancy restaurant.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I guess that I like this series. I am not really sure how to describe my feelings at the moment. I like romance, so I enjoy that part of the series, but I am still taken aback by the death thing. I mean, every main character has plot armor, but don’t destroy half of someone’s abdomen and have them suddenly heal without any warning. I thought that it was pretty stupid. The easy assumption to make is that Shidou is a spirit and I am not sure how I feel about that. I want to say that I prefer him as a regular guy, but how is the story any better if he is a human? That is what keeps me from being overly disappointed regarding death thing. I like the fact that Shidou already sealed the deal with a kiss, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered now. Is Shidou cheating on Origami? Why is her name Origami in the first place? Isa Touka going to live with Shidou from now on? When are they going to tell us how Shidou survived that crazy gunshot? Lastly, why are they introducing the second spirit so soon after Shidou finished seducing Touka? If you watched the preview for episode four, then you should notice the girl in the bunny sweater. I guess we got a lot thrown out at us and I will save my reservations for later. Right now, I am excited to see how Origami reacts to Touka attending school in the real world.

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    • If you do watch it, pay attention to the video quality. The series has an internet simulcast, so some of the videos are really bad in terms of both visual and sub quality.

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