Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 03

hataraku maou-sama!








I am still trying to handle the fact that this is a series that focuses on a demon lord that is working at McDonald’s. Before we move on, don’t be that person that is irritated by the fact that I refer to the fast food restaurant as McDonald’s. They are obviously working there and it only has a fake name due to issues with using brands that you don’t own. Things were actually a lot more serious in this episode than I had anticipated. The person that was shooting at Maou and Emi in the last episode called Emi at work with a warning. The guy plans on killing both the demon lord and the hero. What do we know about this guy? He knows about Ente Island and has the ability to shoot magic bullets. I say all of this, but the enemy could technically be a girl. Why would I say that? I wouldn’t put it past an anime like this. Especially when we are coming off of a season that loved to have female demons. I know that the serious part of this series could be pretty important, but nothing seemed to be as important as Maou’s date with Chiho. Chiho brought her A Game with a dynamite dress and the conviction to make a move. Although, there was another serious thing that happened when Chiho described the odd call that she got which led to her connection to the earthquakes. Maou noticed that the call was from his realm which means that they should be connected to the assailant. Damn, I am really surprised by some of the things that we are getting from a show about a demon lord working at McDonald’s. Serious stuff aside, Chiho is not messing around. We had an all out cat fight that had everything but punches thrown between these ladies. Well, the blows were held back because the mall came crashing down due to an earthquake. Luckily, there were few casualties and Maou got some of his powers back. The not so surprising thing is the fact that Maou is going to use his powers to save people. Emi needs to stop acting like she doesn’t love this new Maou.

I guess that we will find the epicenter of the earthquakes pretty soon.

I guess that we will find the epicenter of the earthquakes pretty soon.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I will use the words of a great orator at this time.

“The show is funny.” – DungTranAnimeFan.

I had to use a screen name because Dung has the greatest screen name of all time. I have to agree with this statement. I really enjoy the humor in this series. The working class lifestyle that the former demon lord and his general are now living has made for some reverse chuunibyou hilarity. I classify it like that because a demon lord getting a real job just gives me that kind of feeling. My favorite part of this episode was probably the date between Maou and Chiho. All of the little things like Ashiya thinking that Chiho is getting ahead of herself and Maou admitting that the event was a date made me smile. The unfortunate thing is that I think that Emi is going to win this love triangle. I am not saying that we are far enough for me to say whether or not I like that pairing, but I really like Chiho’s character and I would say that she is in trouble from a romantic standpoint if history serves. Probably the most surprising thing in this series is how serious things are getting. Earthquakes, inter dimensional messages, and demonic assailants are all pretty crazy. What I will say is that this is a very promising series and I am looking forward to seeing more of Chiho fawning over Maou.

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  1. I just noticed there’s an odd similarity between the image Emi thought of and the form of Lucifer back in the first episode. I remember he was the only one of the generals to be shown to have wings too…

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