Impression – Suisei no Gargantia, Episode 03

Suisei no Gargantia








We all knew that these people would not be cool with Red killing people and I thought that it was kind of bullshit to think that way until I heard their reasoning. Bellows ends up coming with Amy for the next communication. Although the two were grateful for Red’s assistance, they tried to explain to him the way that things work on Earth. “Give fresh water to the one who catches the fish.” This is a saying that is supposed to promote a symbiotic relationship between all of the members of society. There are many fleets that sail the great ocean and you can imagine just how tightly knit these communities are. I am all for helping people, but the thing that eluded me was the concept of revenge. Obviously, the main pirate crew would want vengeance for their fallen comrades and that would cause a lot of trouble for the Gargantia crew. I finally realized why they didn’t want to kill the pirates. It was not just about valuing the lives of others. The pirates don’t follow the moral code and their will bring about further conflict. I was thinking that they were far too safe with Red and Chamber sticking around, but that was not the case. Not only do the people of Gargantia not trust him yet, but there is no way that the pirates would believe that there is such a great difference of power. It is because of this that the pirates brought the ruckus. The pirates seem to be really powerful. I guess that they would take in enough outcasts that require a place to stay because you can’t really be homeless on the ocean. The waited to fight until nighttime and the threat is so great that the Gargantia teamed up with a smaller fleet that was seeking aid. The crew realizes that they need help from Red and there is no reason to not make Red finish what he started. Of course, Red does a good job of stopping things without casualties. He provided light, disabled canons, and tossed around the crazy lobster mech while requesting a surrender. Red has gone from a feared entity to a celebrated hero.

I guess that things will be modeled after animals that still exist.

I guess that things will be modeled after animals that still exist.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I would like to officially thank Kazuya Murata, Gen Urobuchi, and Production I.G, as well as all others involved, for bringing us Suisei no Gargantia. I know that we are only three episodes in, but I think that I have found the series that I have been waiting for since we said good-bye to Code Geass. I know that is a bold statement, especially because Code Geass is my favorite anime series, but I cannot get over how much I truly enjoy this series. Enjoy isn’t even strong enough to describe my feelings right now. I love the way that they are handling the education of Red who is essentially an alien in this new world. I know that the concept of speaking over food and whatnot is nothing new, but the execution is what is crazy. It is tough to describe at times, but the exchanges just seem to feel natural to me. Red’s handling of the situation is described by his career soldier mindset and Amy, as well as everyone else, react in ways that you could expect from people in their situation. The designs are fantastic when it comes to the technology in the series. We know that animators in Japan can slap some sparkles over square houses and whatnot, but it is great to see crude structures being displayed as well as they are in this series. The ships and mechs just look way too cool. We are getting great development all around and the writing just keeps on surprising me with its quality. I can’t really pick out one thing that I am looking forward to because this is the kind of series that makes me angry that we have to wait an entire week for the next episode.

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