Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 03









Today we got to meet Zaraki Kenpachi. Well, this isn’t Bleach and the guy’s name is Shingiku Koikawa, but the two characters are very similar. We got the introduction episode that we expected. Jinbei decided to train by cutting a boulder, but that just seems ridiculous. What ends up happening is a drunk Koikawa runs into the boulder and cuts it up in anger. This display of unreal swordsmanship has led to Jinbei doing what Jinbei does and he decides that he wants to learn from Koikawa. Patrolling the town together doesn’t go too well because everyone throws rocks at Koikawa. It is tough to be liked after you kill ninety-nine people. There have been some robberies in the area and Koikawa ends up at the scene of one of the crimes. Jinbei won’t let that go and he breaks the murderer out of jail. I guess the odd thing about all of this is that I thought people would have more respect for the people who are taking care of the giant bugs. You know how you are alive and you live peacefully because that murderer has decided to slice up bugs instead of people. The backstory is what I found pretty interesting. Koikawa’s dad was the leader of a notorious group of bandits so the guy was born to be a criminal. However, his mom told him to never kill anyone and he didn’t. However, Koikawa came home one day to see his mother dying and a switch flipped in his head. A rage filled Koikawa killed ninety-nine people on that day. It didn’t matter if you were a bandit, officer, or innocent person because no one could stop the young man on that day. Unfortunately, it was Mugai’s old group that actually killed Koikawa’s mom. I guess that this is how they explain the guy deciding to become a good guy. They didn’t directly explain Koikawa’s recruitment the way that they did with Hibachi, but we can all assume that they offered him a chance to be pardoned for his crimes by using his great power to fight the bugs in Edo. It turns out that giant blade mantis creatures were the thieves. They were eating the money and Koikawa took them down even after being cut by an officer. The really interesting thing that happened in this episode was the blast from Mugai’s past.

I can't imagine drinking anything the way that guys in anime drink sake.

I can’t imagine drinking anything the way that guys in anime drink sake.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying this series. I had some doubts regarding the pacing of the show, but I am really enjoying these character introduction episodes. I just hope that we get more than twelve episodes in the long run because this pacing will be hurt by a short series. I guess the thing that has me most interested at the moment is definitely Mugai. Due to the conversation that was had where Mugai was being lobbied into returning to his old vigilante group, and the mentioning of the thieving bugs, I have a theory regarding some things. I think that Mugai’s old group monopolized the bug extermination business in the beginning because they are able to control the bugs to an extent. Using them to both force a need for their services and steal money for themselves. However, Mugai had some sort of falling out with the group that made him go good. Not that difficult of a theory to conjure up, but it does seem likely. I would be a fan of the story going in that direction. I do like the fighters, but I want to get back to seeing Jinbei interact with people like Oharu. You can’t be fighting 24/7. Overall, things are fun when it comes to both the action and the comedy. Seeing the big bad murdering running away from a dog is pretty funny. No offense to the kid, but I am looking forward to moving past the introductions.

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