Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 04

hataraku maou-sama!








Well, this episode finally threw out some stuff that wasn’t completely comedic. We start out with Maou using quite a bot of his power. His magical shields are what kept everyone safe and the earthquake rescue ended with no casualties being recorded. I guess that the powers kicked in like a self-preservation instinct. Emi spent some time with her friend from work and they talked about how people show their true colors in a time of crisis. This lead to showing Emi’s decently sad back story. The girl lived peacefully with her father until the priests rolled up to train her to be a hero. Apparently her dad had sex with an angel and Emi became the chosen one. She went through some pretty rough training and I assume that any child would feel trauma if they suddenly had to start fighting a war with demons. There is that and the fact that her village was burned down. This resulted in her father dying and all of these memories come to a boil when Emi has to get first aid at Maou’s place because she fell down the stairs. Emi has a lot of tough questions that are eating at her. “What was the point of the war when the demon lord saves humans in this world? Why is he being so kind to me? Why did my father have to die?” This series just took a pretty emotional turn. Maou did the worst thing possible after Emi said all of those things. He apologized. That obviously made things worse. Maou basically admitted that there was no point to the war. No one had to die. Maou basically looked at all of the horrible things that went down and treated it like a simple mistake. Things would have gotten much worse if Chiho hadn’t shown up.Well, that depends on what you consider worse between Emi losing it and a demon messing up the city. Apparently, Miki-T knows about Maou’s realm, Maou’s general Lucifer has come to take the king down with his powers still in tact, and two of party members from Emi’s crusade are on their way. Things are getting out of control in a fantastic way.

We should all have a first aid kit at home.

We should all have a first aid kit at home.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I never thought that I would enjoy this show as much as I do right now. I thought that the little romantic comedy that we were watching had been enough. The love triangle was finally getting intense and Maou’s new-found kindness was interesting. Then, the writers decided to give us a shot of action and a double shot of emotion. I really liked the fighting animations from the first episode and I now have pretty high hopes regarding them being used again. Everyone knows that Maou has gone soft and action is about to be taken. There is that and the whole Emi situation. I really thought that Maou’s transition was going to be received well until the hero let loose. Now I just feel bad for thinking that everything was fine. Maou just seems like a dick now. Why did he declare war on humanity? If he was always such a nice guy, then something must have happened. They might try to say that Maou was a young demon lord and his general Lucifer convinced him to do it, but that wouldn’t completely absolve him in my book. If something like that happened, then we all know that it would basically lock up the Emi route. I can’t pick out just one thing that I am looking forward to in the next episode. Let’s just say that this left me pretty excited for more.

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