Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 05

dansai bunri no crime edge










I had to pause this episode and compose myself every few minutes. Why do you ask? Was I tired? No. Was the gore too intense? No. Was I sick? No, but the writers sure are. I complained about how unnecessarily sexual this series is. Well, it took a very swift jump from sexual to pornographic in this episode. Don’t go looking for the beach episode just yet because the mountain trip is what we have on the agenda. Of course, we can’t have a simple romantic comedy. At least not in this anime. The new author is the student council president and his instead is the vice president. Seems pretty standard to me. Well, the legendary murderer behind this killing good is a Chinese man who kept people captive like livestock in a dungeon. The poor souls were tortured with a very interesting type of whip. Not the kind that you see depicted in your classic torture from Egypt and whatnot. No, that would be too normal. We have the jockey style whip. I will provide a picture after this section. Some of you may know that as a common S&M tool and crazy sexual stuff is exactly what we got. There is a horribly graphic scene where the VP unbuttoned her blouse and the president does some stuff to her bust that I don’t want to describe. There was also some very detailed drool that must have taken up a big portion of the animation budget. Yeah, let’s stop talking about this for now. The rest of the episode seemed like your normal romantic comedy. Girls want to watch the stars with guys that they like, a bunch of the guys were hitting on the popular girl, and there is a lot of unrequited love. I will give you a quick outline because this may actually be important moving forward.

Unrequited Love Chart

Kiri ==♥==> Iwai

-Iwai claims to not love anyone, but that may change.

Misumi ==♥==> Kiri

-They should explain this eventually, but I don’t see Kiri ever returning her feelings.

Naruto ==♥==> Nigi

-They are childhood friends, but I don’t know how important they will be to the story.

Yamane ==?==> Kiri

-All I know about this is that it could be a thing.

There is other stuff going on as well, but this stuff seems like it barely matters as it is. A lot of the other pairings are very sick relationships between authors and their insteads. The episode ended on Iwai waking up after almost drowning. The vice president pushed her off of a boat. Apparently, the whip can make people who it strikes submissive in a zombie like way, so a lot of zombie students attacked Iwai. It got really uncomfortable when they were obviously trying to rape her. Even Kiri is out of it. We will see how this fight works out in the next episode.

I had to turn off my safe search to find this image.

I had to turn off my safe search to find this image.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I don’t know how I am going to get through the rest of this season. I thought the sexual stuff was bad before, but the writers clearly showed me just how sexual they can get. I have to warn anyone that has not watched this episode yet. You absolutely cannot watch this with people around. The guys in this anime were looking at a magazine with pictures of girls covered in bananas together and they seemed like they were doing something far more socially acceptable than me as I was watching all of this. Rape, S&M, and countless other crazy things that should not ever be animated are a part of this and it really bothers me. What do I think of the actual story? It seems alright. The series seems like it doesn’t know whether it wants to be a horror game or a school romance. You can survive with both things going on, but I feel like one of the two has to be emphasized in order to gain an identity. We are getting something that is a little too evenly split in order to fully develop the important things. I can’t even pick out anything that I am particularly fond of. I may like the love triangle between Iwai, Kiri, and Misumi if I felt like it would get proper development. I might like the murder game if there was more action and less sex. I might even enjoy the crazy stuff if it wasn’t so over the top. However, we don’t always get what we want and I can only say that it is too early to tell for so long. We are already five episodes in and I don’t think that things will be changing for the better anytime soon. I guess I am looking forward to Kiri fighting with Romeo, but I don’t see it happening without watching another twenty minutes of pornography.

2 responses to “Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 05

  1. Really weird show :/ The overtly sexual nature kind of turns me off as well. There are people I’m sure who like it, but I’m not a huge fan of it (bot to mention that it wasn’t what I was expecting from the CMs)…hoping the next few episodes are a bit tamer!

    • I am mostly disappointed in the show because the sexual stuff is taking away attention from a story that has potential. I want them to focus more on the Killing Goods and that side of the story, but I don’t know if they plan on doing that.

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