Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 05

hataraku maou-sama!


This episode got pretty damn crazy. The most interesting thing is the fact that the church decided to team up with Lucifer in order to eliminate Maou and Emi. The church gets to take credit for winning the war and the fallen angel gets sent back to the heavens. That seems like a pretty good deal. Well, the initial fighting is what got to me. Obviously, there is no way that Maou is going to die in episode five. This is a comedy and the main character has plot armor. However, the dude got shot a in some pretty ridiculous ways. Human bodies do kind of suck when it comes to taking damage. All seemed lost until Maou regained his powers. The demons power up by feeding on despair which would seem stupidly cliché if the writing wasn’t so damn good. Maou transforms into his demon form after almost dying and he throws out some magic that is way too overpowered. He gently let down a falling bridge, froze time, and erased the memories of tons of people.Also, Emi had enough power left to tussle with the priest and Lucifer. Even Alsiel joined the fray and we got a surprisingly well animated fight. The two members of Emi’s party do show up, but that happens after the fight is over. Oh yeah, Chiho watched the whole thing and she accepted the whole alternate world thing. She is even worried that Maou is going to leave. I need to bring up the fact that Maou is way too powerful again. The dude fixed all of the damage that was done, made it so that there were no casualties, beat the shit out of both of the bad guys, and made it to work on time. Don’t mess with Maou. We got some interesting closure. I think that the newcomers took back the priest, but it is still odd that Chiho can understand them. Although it seems stupid, I guess that Lucifer is going to stick around. Also, Maou and the gang are staying, but that is obviously because the plot will only function if that happens. I am still laughing.

This is an important business.

This is an important business.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I love this show way too much. The fighting was really interesting because we got to see that pretty decent animation quality that we haven’t seen since the first episode. I am really glad that it was utilized again. Even the story got some pretty good development. I didn’t expect to get a run down of what was going on back in the other dimension, but it was definitely welcomed. Although, I will say that the church being corrupt is not a new concept. In fact, I see it done in anime a lot. D. Gray-man and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha are prime examples of this. However, I don’t see it being a big part of the story moving forward. Fighting and plot progression are cool and all, but what made me love this comedy so much? It was the fantastic jokes that were thrown out there. We got slapstick between Maou and Emi, hilarious priority misplacement by Maou, and a very embarrassed Chiho. You have to watch this series in order to truly appreciate the humor. All of the Mahou Tofu authors are currently watching this series because it is just that good. We are far enough in for me to say that this is a must watch. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with the story now that the major threat is out-of-the-way.

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