Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 06

hataraku maou-sama!








Things were oddly serious serious again. You know how a lot of shows and movies like to demonize the church? Well, here we go again. Last time, we found out that the church wanted Emilia dead so that they could take credit for defeating the demon lord. However, both Emi and Maou were still alive in our world. Well, the crazy priest Olba was captured and Emilia’s old party members are on their way to announce that Emilia is alive and that a high priest defected. That does not look good when the church had already announced that the hero had died.There are only two options that the church is considering. The first is to admit that Emilia is alive, excommunicate the defected high priest, and take the hit in terms of public approval. Who would do anything as logical as that? The more likely choice is to attempt to kill everyone that knows the truth. They didn’t say which course of action they plan on taking, but some creepy looks tell me that we will be getting more fight scenes in the near future. What do I like more than fight scenes? The crazy humor that this show gives us. Lucifer is staying with Maou and Ashiya as the tech guy I guess. They are still searching for a way to get their powers back and return home. Emi can go home, but that would ruin the dynamic of the story, so you can’t do things that make sense. I won’t touch on what happened on the comedic side too much because you really just need to experience it. It is the kind of humor that doesn’t translate well when explained. I will tell you that it fits the style that we have all grown to love.

I guess these got really big in Japan.

I guess these got really big in Japan.







Current Opinion of the Show:

I can’t seem to dislike this show at all. I continue to be surprised by the oddly serious nature of the story that sort of functions behind the scenes for the most part. We got the hard questions that Emi struggles with due to Maou’s new personality and I really hope that we aren’t done with that. We haven’t really seen that for a bit, but I would hate for such a logical turn of events to be a one hit wonder. On the other hand, I feel like church conspiracies have over saturated stories. In both eastern and western works, the whole crazy Catholic church thing seems to exist even if a story really doesn’t need it. At the very least, it isn’t well written. However, I feel like this series shines once again in this regard. I am just in love with the writing as a whole in all honesty. On the comedic side, we are getting a lot of new characters. It seems like Lucifer shall be a permanent fixture in the show and we met a new girl at the end of this episode. Is Maou slowly building a harem without even knowing it?

“Something like that is normal for the Demon Lord.” -Alsiel

Just something that I think he would say when confronted with the situation. I would love to see more direct romance because this series is just so good. I honestly can’t think of anything that I don’t like about this series. I am not saying that it is like an all time great, but it is a series that does what it is trying to do very well. In the end, that is really all that fans can ask for. I can’t wait to meet this new girl.

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