Impression – Suisei no Gargantia, Episode 06

Suisei no Gargantia








All of the people who questioned whether or not Red and Amy would have a serious romance were silenced after watching this episode. I am going to skip ahead to the festival that happened in this episode in order to explain my reasoning behind that last statement. There is this festival that they celebrate every time there is the guarantee of a big catch and Amy’s crew does a dance for everyone. They don’t say whether or not it is a cultural thing, but the outfits have some heavy Arabic influence going on. People that have watched Magi or Aladdin know what I am talking about. Let’s just say that this dance showed off the obvious romance in three ways. The first is Red being mesmerized by her dance at the restaurant it was performed at. The second is Red requesting a private dance when they were watching the sea galaxy at night. And the third was red lingering after he guarded her from what he thought was an attack during said private dance. Watch it and tell me there isn’t something there. Having said that, this episode wasn’t all about the romance. Red continues to struggle finding work when the fishing thing goes south. Just because you can pilot a space mech, doesn’t mean you can pilot a yonboro. Pinion ends up taking Red out to eat because he has been treating his pay strictly as means to get seaweed bread. I am guessing that it is cheap because Red is using it the same way that he did with rations in the military. The concept of purchasing things for pleasure eludes a career soldier. Everything was actually going well until the main dish that Pinion ordered turned out to be a crazy future octopus. Red freaked out an almost blew up the table. Honestly, that is to be expected. All of that aside, Red actually needed to help Chamber catch the fish and a job was found. Red is going to help Bellows in the salvage business. It feels like a natural transition in retrospect.

These things should freak out most people.

These things should freak out most people.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still amazed by this series. We got some very interesting information out of this episode. Apparently, the light bugs are actually nano bots that were leftover from the previous Earth civilization. The ability to absorb electricity from them now makes a little more sense, even though it is still pretty far-fetched. The festival can happen because a ring that traps fish is formed when multiple sea galaxies collide. I guess it functions like the bubble nets that some whales use in order to corral fish. They get trapped and that is why the crew can expect enough fish to celebrate. I forget that there was advanced technology on Earth before the exodus in this series. It only makes sense that nano bots were a part of that previous world. That was fun, but the things that happened to Red were the real focal point of the story. I was waiting for Red to have that war instincts pop up. The Hideauze resemble things like squid, so you could expect to see some on this water world. Almost blowing up a table and the thing that happened at the end of the episode were very real moments. I am not sure whether or not that giant squid that we saw is dangerous or not, but Red will treat it like it is. The fact that Chamber identified it as a Hideauze is what has me intrigued. I don’t think that the Hideauze had any sort of connection to Earth, so it is probably a coincidence that they are similar to squid and octopi as far as biology goes. It reminds me of this Animal Planet special that aired in the United States called The Future is Wild. They tried to predict what would happen to Earth if humans died out and evolution had to decide a new dominant species. They ended up saying that various species of squid would evolve higher level intelligence and learn to live on land. It sounds crazy, but those things are smart as hell. I suspect that the reasoning behind identifying the squid as a Hideauze will have something to do with a similar evolutionary line on another planet. Various scientists predict that if life exists on other planets, then it may very well be similar to our own. Not the most far-fetched assumption to make. I really want to see where they take this in the next episode. Oh yeah, the other thing about Red was the romance thing, but I talked about that in the first section. I really can’t say that I disliked anything in this episode except for maybe the focus on the busts and rears of the girls that were dancing. Someone that is speaking of this anime as if it is above fan service may say that they only focus on it because such displays are foreign to Red and that is probably what he is focusing on in his mind. I will say that it is just something that people do regardless of the type of series. All I can say now is that I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with that squid.

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