Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 07

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These new developments have me really confused. The first thing that I wanted to talk about is Romeo in his post fight bandages. That is not what you look like after you get your cheek cut from the mouth. This might be an anime, but I find the lack of bandages, stitches, or even a scar in the affected area to be very bad on their part. I think we are done with Ruka and Romeo because they get their happy ending where they stop trying to kill Iwai and Ruka only hurts Romeo. I guess you can feel happy for the kinky couple. After that, we got some interesting stuff to say the least. Kiri and Iwai meet up with the Byouinzaka sisters in order to discuss the letters that they received. Apparently, Gossip is holding a party for the authors and insteads. That sounds really fishy, but they are definitely going to attend said party. Yamane seems to have adjusted well to this temporary alliance that she has with Kiri, but Houko does not seem to feel the same way. She transferred schools because seeing Yamane constantly reminds her of their horrible situation. I guess seeing Kiri and Iwai happy with their author and instead relationship would seem pretty bad. The rest of the episode consisted of Houko being told by Iwai that she is not a bad person and we get that classic naïvety that main characters show when they treat their enemies like friends. That was basically the entire episode. Attempted murder goes unpunished, an enemy is treated like a friend, and everyone goes to a secret party that is being thrown by people who want to watch these kids kill each other. Fun stuff.

I guess that coins are a good choice for a secret identification item.

I guess that coins are a good choice for a secret identification item.











Current Opinion of the Show:

At least it wasn’t overly sexual? I say that because we didn’t get any crazy saliva or whipping scenes, but that doesn’t mean that they kept things PG. The writers still decided to make things that didn’t need to be sexual very sexual. I have a problem with the way that the Byouinzaka sisters handle the instead ritual. I am glad that it didn’t involve licking this time, but can we not have the intimate bed scene where the curvaceous sister is dressed provocatively? Honestly, that just seems unnecessary, but it was taken down a notch from the last one. Then we had the first meeting between Kiri and Kashiko. I know that Kiri has a hair fetish, but we could have done without the rape scene. Obviously, nothing really happened, but they set that one up in the creepiest way. “Oh man, my mom left a customer in the shop and she is sending me, her teenage daughter, to go handle him. Why is it so dark in here? Looks like it is just me and this guy I barely know in a closed shop where no one will think to help me. Since he is asleep, I guess it is alright to turn my back to this almost stranger.” Then the dude holds her against the wall and gets all up on her while saying creepy things. How can you fall in love with a guy like that? She mentioned the suspension bridge effect, which I had to look up, and it didn’t give me a better explanation. Everyone in this damn show is freaky. I would definitely like to stress that both of these scenes could have been kept normal if you eliminated the flushed faces and heated breathing. Literally, that went a long way in keeping this show kinky. On the sob story, I am still deciding how I feel about it. The game doesn’t have to be completely ruthless and I do like the fact that we are getting to know more of the characters because it keeps the anime from getting duo centric. However, I feel like the execution could have been better. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I think it was very close to being a scene that I didn’t dislike. Overall, I am not exactly sure what to think at this point. We finally got the closest thing to a calm episode that we can expect from this series, but I feel like the less intense nature of this particular episode will be short-lived. I can’t see the party being anything but a freak show. Although, I am excited to see what could possibly be the launching pad for actual fighting. Also, I hope that they aren’t completely wasting our time with Kashiko’s character. I feel like she could end up being not very important and that sucks because they are giving her precious screen time right now. I like her character enough, but I feel like she is part of that scattered feeling that this plot has.

7 responses to “Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 07

  1. “Oh man, my mom left a customer in the shop and she is sending me, her teenage daughter, to go handle him. Why is it so dark in here? Looks like it is just me and this guy I barely know in a closed shop where no one will think to help me. Since he is asleep, I guess it is alright to turn my back to this almost stranger.”

    That part had me cracking up xD I saw the update of the new episode but after the last one, I felt a little swayed from seeing this one, so I left it alone, But based on your review, I guess it won’t be that bad. Plus, I’m relieved to read that the tongue-service is absent in this episode. Honestly, I couldn’t take it anymore. Although I don’t think that’ll be the end of that.

    I almost forgot who Kashiko was because she doesn’t really feel apparent in the anime at all (at least not in the previous episodes I watched). I had to google her to be sure who she even was. So THAT says a lot about the level of importance she has in the anime (or maybe it’s just my bad memory xD).

    • Your memory is not bad. She is part of that school aspect of the anime that they have no idea how to handle and that is sad. You can’t keep using characters that aren’t going to be important because it takes up precious time. On the crazy sexual stuff, this may be the tamest episode that we get moving forward. Like I said, they are all going to a party that is being thrown by Gossip next week, so there should be some sick stuff going on. However, if they are going to throw all of the authors together, we may get some of that action you were looking for.

      • Maybe they don’t want the school aspect to really be apart of the anime, in its attempt to be different I guess. So far that’s what I’m getting, that this anime is trying to be different from the usual stuff.
        Hmm…I feel an omen coming on and yes, I hope the action is there \^-^/ that’s the only part where Dansai doesn’t disappoint. I guess that means Seigi will be there too x)

        • I don’t mind them not wanting the school aspect there, but I would prefer it if they spent even less time on it if that is the case. I just feel like the main part of the anime feels underdeveloped and it could benefit from taking the screen time that the school stuff has gotten.

          • The previous episodes have had a lot of mistakes, and how many episodes does Dansai have left (5 or is it going to be a 25-episode series?). Maybe they can start doing some justice to the anime by focusing on what needs to be focused on, rather than on content that doesn’t help the plot’s progression.
            But they probably have enough time to rectify those slip-ups; depending on how wisely they direct the show from here.

            • There are six episodes left and I do agree that they can bring things back with a heavy focus on the murder game with the remaining time. Six episodes can do a lot to help.

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