News – A Petition to Bring Back Go On has Been Started, 5/15/13

Sign the petition.

Sign the petition.









Here is the link to the petition.

I would like to thank Mr. Pseudonym for bringing my attention to this new development on the Go On front. I would link the account, but I don’t think that they have a full account yet. Anyways, that is me giving credit where credit is due. I am current going through the campaign to bring back Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series, so I am somewhat experienced on the show saving front. Here is how we go about things. Sign petitions, buy merchandise, message NBC, do anything and everything possible to make yourself heard. That is how shows like Family Guy and Futurama were brought back. Also, we can’t lose hope if we don’t get instant results because these things take time. If I get any other news on the saving Go On front, I will let everyone know. In the mean time, let’s start the ruckus.

Thanks again for the update.

Thanks again for the update.

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