Impression – Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W, Episode 07

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W








Well, I guess we have officially gone back to the way things were. We can’t try to progress the plot regularly in a parody series for some reason. Although I will say one pretty important thing. Mahiro is starting to show signs that he is a definite tsundere character now. Yes, guys can be tsundere. That is a big improvement from just yelling at Nyaruko. Although, I don’t know when we will be seeing more development in that regard.



This was basically our beach episode. I guess that big indoor pools are a thing in Japan because we see them in a lot of anime series. This one was pretty damn big, but this is an anime. There was even enough of a realistic beach to almost fool Mahiro into thinking that they were stranded. I believed her for a minute as well because anything could happen in this series. What ended up happening was half of the group enjoyed the pool, while the rest had to deal with Nyaruko and Kuuko fighting. I guess that Kuuko is also showing lasting signs of falling for Mahiro. That is interesting, but it will probably go nowhere. That depresses me.

That looks delicious.

That looks delicious.

I should not have watched this episode while I was hungry because I really want some takoyaki. Apparently they had some at Fanime and I missed out on getting it. That is on me because I have never had it before and I missed a great chance to get some. Oh well, I guess you could say that the only other thing that was intriguing from this episode was Tamao. I still need to know what is up with her and those weird alien things. If it was revealed in season one, then I forgot. I watched that when it came out and I don’t remember a lot of the details from the series.

I wish that I wasn't allergic to this stuff.

I wish that I wasn’t allergic to this stuff.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I just wish that they would stop neglecting the story. I will say this though. When the only driving force in your story is the main romantic relationship, you run into that Gilligan’s Island dilemma. Once you get off the island, what next? Mahiro and Nyaruko can’t just get together or they run the risk of running out of showtime. You could show them while they are in a relationship, but writers almost never do that outside of shoujo and josei series. I think that such a writing style sucks because I want to see them while it is canon. At least there is hope for such a story with season two of Chuunibyou. This is just the kind of series that I don’t think I can watch for X number of seasons with almost nothing going on. I guess that I am looking forward to more progress and that is what I will say until I get it or something crazy happens.

How about an actual fight scene?

How about an actual fight scene?

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